My 411

When you blend Irish DNA with Alberta sensibilities, you get Leigh Patrick Sullivan.  

Born in Medicine Hat and raised in Calgary, the Canadian pundit grew up in a family in which social and political issues were always on the table for discussion.  He joined the social media wave and launched The Moderate Separatist blog in 2005 which became a favorite - and target of disdain - to the growing online audience.

In 2013 the blog was re-imagined and morphed into

A veteran of countless election campaigns, Sullivan has spent time on several constituency boards of directors.  He has appeared on discussion panels and has been interviewed in all forms of media, including television, print, and radio.

Known as a libertarian-conservative, Sullivan has stated: 

"That's not totally accurate.  Certainly there are many aspects that appeal on a policy level, but when speaking in terms of philosophy, I tend to be drawn towards Objectivism.  While I don't necessarily agree entirely with its concepts, I do believe Ayn Rand had a level of intelligence which is extremely undervalued today."

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