Populist Popcorn

As one who is looking in from the outside, the current political climate in the U.S. is nothing less than fascinating. 

With a perhaps inevitable exposing of the ‘Establishment’ by ordinary citizens finally seeing clearly enough to recognize the false bill of goods sold to us as real democracy, truth has seeped into the mainstream and has exposed the reality that those at in the inner-sanctum of the political world care little for party allegiance and those who support it.

It has proven Reagan prophetic when he famously declared that there is no such thing as ‘left versus right’, but rather ‘up and down’.

England, Canada, and notably in the United States, this is the ‘man behind the curtain’, and so far the result has been the eruption of a socio-political clash.  Unexpectedly, Brits voted in favour of Brexit and by doing so, signalled to the rest of us that they had awoken.

The party of Geert Wilders increased their numbers in the recent Dutch election.  Buzz about an ‘unexpected’ upcoming victory for the incredible Marine Le Pen in France is growing louder and louder.

While this wave labelled as ‘modern populism’ continues to grow – including the unfathomable victory for the ultimate outsider Donald Trump in the U.S. – the reaction from the power-controlling progressives has been expected and vicious.

They have proven to be willing to go places those from the traditionally-known ‘center-right’ would not consider on the basis of morals and ethics – everything from fabricated concepts to justify their means-to-an-end agenda (gender-fluid, Islamophobia, White male privilege, etc.) to infiltrating the traditional mass media, educational systems via Teacher’s Unions from first grade right up to our once-great universities, human resources departments of corporations, the legal system, and so on. 

What makes this entire exercise fascinating can be found in the fact that, even though this battle has been long in the making, it is still an optimistic time.  Whereas past ‘anti-establishment’ movements are historically viewed as existing only in the realm of the political left, and understandably so, the Populist Wave emanates from a different place altogether.

Given the majority does consist of those who do not identify necessarily as ‘left’, there is an under-recognized segment on the center-left who are not exactly idiots.  They have learned the truth about what is going on. 

And then there’s Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government recently introduced and passed M-103 (aka the anti-Islamophobia Motion).  As you can guess, it basically sets followers of Islam apart and condemns those who criticize their religion.  Defended as ‘not a law, it’s just a motion’, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government introduced this not only to lay the foundation of a future election divide between them and the Conservative party, but also as a trial-balloon to gauge the opinion of the voting public.

Despite absolutely horrible poll numbers, the Liberal passed #M103 and now the groundwork has been laid (ever Google who Justin placed in government Ministerial positions…?).

M-103 gives the impression of rampant anti-Muslim bigotry in Canada.  Some from outside our borders wonder just what kind of society Canadians endure (thank God we’re letting ‘political refugees’ literally walk across out border into Manitoba from the U.S..!). 

Not an impression Stats-Can shares. 

The holder of the number one spot?  You guessed it: the Jews.

Canadians should pay attention to what is happening within the borders of other Western nations.  With the globalist, ‘border-less society’ Justin Trudeau steering the ship, Canadians must recognize the rough waters will only get worse.

And the waterfall isn’t too far down the river.

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