Regarding Justin Trudeau

Recently, I was asked by an American political pundit to describe Canada’s current political scene, since I’ve been ‘fortunate’ to have lived during both father Pierre and son Justin’s time as Prime Minister…

“…the difference is this: Pierre Trudeau’s ideology was horrible.  Much of the damage he inflicted lasted for decades, and some we still endure.  But he was intelligent.  He was an expert in seizing the public mood.  As bad as his policies, he knew precisely what he was doing.  He was as calculating as he was brilliant.

Son Justin is arguably more dangerous.  There is no evidence, in his education or employment background, of any purpose to his existence other than that of being the ‘heir apparent’.  He carries with him the image of someone unserious about life, unaware of the realities faced by everyday Canadians.  He reeks of elitism.  He is not highly educated, and his public persona leans more towards the celebrity than the serious national leader.  To the public, he is more Paris Hilton than Sir John A. MacDonald.  He was privileged at birth and he has been carried on that privilege throughout his life.”

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Rob Low said...

I completely agree. Even though I do not like much of Pierre's legacy at least he was doing things on purpose, on principal and with strength and vision. Whereas, as you've said, Justin is more about appearances, making people happy, making people feel good and doing the popular thing rather than the right thing. He is more concerned with looking good on the world stage (the U.N.,"Canada is back", global leader on climate change etc) than his own voters who are dealing with unemployment and inflation because of his debt-ridden policies. This government has been a disaster so far and I hate to see what the economy and debt look like before we vote him out in 3 or 7 years.

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