Exposed MSM Continues False Narrative Habit

In an election battle which featured a real estate mogul/celebrity and a Clinton, the underlining theme which all sides had an opinion was the issue of media bias.

Subsidiary occurrences during the race for the White House shaped public opinion – Wikileaks and Julian Assange immediately come to mind, which exposed much evidence of ‘main stream media’ and Democrat party collusion. 

Conspiracy theories regarding our news sources are not new, but as some were confirmed, the resulting loss of trust by the general public in traditional media sources was inevitable, as was the search for alternatives.

The rising populist movements we have seen in America with the unthinkable victory of Donald Trump, the United Kingdom (Brexit), and other European nations is partially due to the confirmation (to some, revelation) that we can no longer trust what we have been told; that much of the traditional media was, in reality, nothing more than an ideological delivery system.

Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, what will the Establishment’s response?  So far, it’s been business as usual.

A strong attempt has been made to discredit those who revealed the unsavory truth about our media, which has so far failed.  But that doesn’t stop the leftwing agents from trying.

The false narrative push isn’t limited to the national frontier, however.  

A couple of local examples occurred recently, the first being misdirection regarding chants of ‘lock her up’ directed at Alberta’s far-left Premier (after a decade of progressives burning former PM Stephen Harper in effigy when they weren’t posting death threats on Twitter), which was followed up when Wildrose politician Derek Fildebrandt was targeted by the CBC, Canada’s federally-funded national broadcaster.

 Fildebrandt: A regular
 MSM target 
Fildebrandt has become something of a favorite target by the Establishment left, ironically for the exact same reasons which explain his popularity with the centre-right: he is comparatively young, intelligent, and outspoken.

The fact the MSM continues to push stale narratives like the old, tired ‘Wildrose are Nazis!’ shows more than just smarmy contempt by media against a specific segment of the political world, it shows utter contempt for the viewing masses.  It is a systematic insulting of our collective intelligence.

Simply put, the jig is up.  The curtain has been pulled back and we can now see the creature operating the machine.  But don’t expect those who have long enjoyed control to easily relinquish what they have come to believe is rightfully theirs.

We will continue to have our intelligence insulted by false narratives and pathetic misdirection strawmen.  They will continue in the attempt to deceive and influence.

Whether they succeed is up to us.

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