Gab: New Kids on the Social Media Block

A new social media network hit the scene recently, and it's been making waves.

Gab launched this past August and has lately become the go-to place for disgruntled Twitter addicts tired of the endless targeted banning of individual accounts whose only crime was posting non-progressive political opinions.

Clint Eastwood and  Milo Yiannopoulos immediately come to mind.

But not all who frequent Gab are from the right.  The mix of political views is expanding in an environment which promises not to censor you into oblivion or silence.

Already I've encountered a few notable names from the entertainment and political arenas.

Keep in mind Gab is new, and it is still quite rudimentary and not all that flashy, however membership is growing and traffic increasing.

While Twitter will remain the dominate site for the foreseeable future, you should always have Gab on your second tab.

Visit Gab: https://gab.ai/home

Follow me here: https://gab.ai/LeighPatrick

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