Canada Finds Itself Outside Populist Wave

In what is becoming an obvious and sad twist of fate, Canada is quickly finding itself on the outside of a global movement. 

After years of encroaching progressive elitism and the systematic reduction of our individual rights and liberties, our political and social worlds have begun the inevitable rebellion against the forces of Big Government (aka Globalists, One-worlders, etc.).

The United Kingdom shocked our learned media talking heads when the underestimated and mocked Brexit movement was successful in its attempt to begin the withdrawal of the UK from the socialistic and ineffective European Union.  Brexit, which represented concerned citizens from a wide range of the political spectrum, shocked the experts who were blind to the rise in populism.

The referendum was successful for many reasons, not the least of which is that, after many years of being lied to by politicians and their media minions, folks rejected the chants of ‘racist’ and took action.

Simply put, citizens of the United Kingdom wanted their sovereignty back. 

Similar movements have been formed and are steadily growing in other places such as Italy, France, Spain, and Sweden.

And now, with the victory of Donald Trump, American citizens have spoken.  They have indicated their desire to halt creeping ‘social justice’ totalitarianism.  They have chosen the interests of America over those of foreign lands in a mass show of renewed patriotism.   They have rejected the Establishment – made of career insider politicians from both parties and other assorted power and money-addicted scum – in favor of a return to America’s founding roots.  They have stated clearly their demand to Make America Great Again.

Canada?  Our current leader is a former drama teacher and snowboard instructor. 

After a decade with Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, in which Canada saw its military strengthened and moved from primarily peace-keepers to becoming America’s longest-serving ally in Afghanistan, as well as Israel’s defacto closest ally during the Obama years, Canadians chose Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

In the short time in office, Trudeau, son of former controversial Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, has led a group that has spent hours in front of the camera yet little time creating and passing actual legislation. 

What paperwork does get moved, or at least what some policy announcements do indicate, is a government in which some priorities mimic those of their more radically left-wing members (environmentalism and ‘climate change’ are lead issues with this group), while others delve into the absolute absurd.

 Albertans protest against government policies 
The salt in the wound for some, such as those of us living in oil-rich Alberta, is having a provincial government even more radically environmental than the feds.  

Historically the energy capital of Canada (with an equally historic centre-right, libertarian flavor in a sea of centre-left progressivism), Albertans find themselves floating in low oil prices, two anti-oil levels of government above them, evaporating jobs, and federal politicians taking pleasure at our circumstances.

If the populist movement is to reach Canada, the epicenter will surely be in this province.  From what I’ve seen recently, it may have already begun.  Finally.


Rob Low said...

How do we convince people (mostly my friends on the left) that these movements are not (primarily) about anti-immigrant (Muslim, Black and Mexican) racism but more about personal freedoms and fiscal responsibility? That is my biggest struggle with all of this. You and I don't have a hint of racism in us nor homophobia or any of the other typical accusations hurled from the left but that's what I constantly hear from the liberals opposed to Brexit, Trump, Stephen Harper etc. It's complicated because unfortunately there are idiotic wings of racism, homophobia, xenophobia etc. woven into these movements but it's honestly not (just) about that - at least not for you and me it's not. How do we convince others of that rather than just being lumped into those judgmental categories which I do not ascribe to?

Lethbridge Bound said...

Quite true. We need the same populist rejection of Laurentian Elite that does nothing for the working people of this country. They only care about UN supported initiatives while doing nothing for Canadians.

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