Alberta's Progressive Conservatives at Crossroads

There is one trait shared by the vast majority of political parties in a democracy: they evolve.  Their position can sway even slightly, but they do change.  Rare are the political organizations whose roots remain firmly planted in their original ideological cement, and most suffer due to their lack of flexibility.

Eras, changing societal beliefs, necessity, new leadership, etc., all play a part in the evolution of a party. 

 Alison Redford 
This is no secret in Alberta, as we watched the Progressive Conservatives morph through several mini-identities during their decades-long reign. 

The Redford PCs weren’t the Klein PCs who weren’t the Lougheed PCs.

Now, after having their run in charge end and with the leadership race heating up, the Alberta PCs are once again in the midst of transformation.

Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives are at a crossroads.  Their choice for leader will say more than just who they want in charge, it will determine the direction of the party itself. 

Will members choose to continue down their two-decade path towards the progressive left?  Will they return to their small government, fiscally responsible roots?

 Jason Kenney 
Will the Alberta PCs resemble the party of Lougheed? Klein? Redford?  The Alberta Liberals?

Adding to the mix are the facts that Alberta is currently suffering under the weight of an accidentally-elected socialist gang,  as well as the stated intention of perceived leadership front-runner Jason Kenney to unify the PCs with the Wildrose party, of which many members are past PC supporters, and distinctly conservative.

The years-long divide in the party could either be resolved or made permanent by this leadership vote.  Already we’ve seen a few of the more progressive members and MLA’s react, including Sandra Jansen, who withdrew her leadership bid (she blamed bullying).

As in the past, the Progressive Conservatives will be reborn under new leadership.  What party members must also decide is what form the party will take: return to common sense, fiscally responsible, small government, or continue the slide into big government progressive irrelevance?

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