Albertans Send Clear Message to Rachel Notley

Two things were confirmed today at the Alberta Legislature: Albertans love our province, and Albertans despise the provincial NDP government.

 Wildrose leader Brian Jean 
Rallies were held across the province today in a public show of rejection over the damaging policies of Rachel Notley's New Democrats.  I had the opportunity to attend the rally in Edmonton.

My dad and I arrived early to find many others were already there, waiting for their chance to speak out against an 'accidental' government which places flawed, radical ideology before the good of Alberta.  And speak out we did.

Headlining the list of speakers was Wildrose leader Brian Jean, who delivered a fiery indictment of not only Notley's gang, but took aim and scored direct hits on Canada's Boy Blunder, PM Justin Trudeau.

 The crowd begins to gather 
I have to admit, I was impressed. Perhaps not enough to support him 100% in his hope of becoming Alberta's next premier, but impressed nonetheless.

The true takeaway from today's rally was, when the average 'Martha and Henry''s of Alberta are under fire, we stand shoulder to shoulder and fight back.  When that attack emanates from our own government in Edmonton, it makes the offensive nature closer to home.

As bad as things are now, and as inarguably worse as they are going to become - the 'carbon tax' is set to go into effect for real on January 1st - I am certain there is a bright horizon down the road.

 With Edmonton Griesbach MP Kerry Diotte 
We may have to suffer through the rest of a term under the control of a radical, far-left progressive regime, but we certainly don't have to suffer in silence.

Self-identified conservatives, libertarians, moderates, the non-political...even followers of Ayn Rand Objectivism were there (*wink*).  More importantly, the rally was attended by Albertans from every walk of life and every economic level, coming together simply as Albertans who love our province and cannot remain quietly on the sidelines any longer.

And to those on the political left who may be a little confused, yes.  Yes, it was a public rally of protest against a sitting government.  I understand the lack of assaults, looting, vandalism, and other various vile sights you are used to were absent.

Our message was sent loud and clear and there were no arrests.  Little wonder you're befuddled.

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