Holding a Mirror to Generation X

By the generally agreed upon definitions, I am a Generation X’er with two Millennial kids.  I’ve tried to instill proper values and help develop a moral compass in each, and have done a damn fine job, if I do say so myself.

Through the process of raising children into young adults as well as other avenues, I have witnessed first-hand the similarities and differences between the so-called Gen-X and Millennial generations. 

There are some definite positives. The younger group has undergone the logical next step when it comes to personal technology, as they are more plugged-in than any previous age. 

Alternatively, they are more ‘globally aware’, whatever that means.

They mean well, but they are generally misguided when it comes not only to priority issues, but basic knowledge as well.  Now, before you assume this is a hit-piece on the ‘kids’, whatever failings today’s young adults possess are the direct responsibility and fault of my own generation. 

Practically any deficiency found can be traced to Gen-X parents who started the ball rolling in the wrong direction.  It was us who decided to place myth over reality.  We used the media of our time to really push flawed ideas such as mass immigration and ‘one world’ globalization.  We utilized trendy formats from hip celebrity mouthpieces to music videos to education systems as indoctrination tools. 

We stood by and allowed those with an agenda to grow their influence.

Truth be told, the era in my life from the late teens to late twenties was at a time when a huge swath of high school kids identified as moderate/conservative.  The line was smart policies with a light social issues flavour.  It would be unfathomable to think that so many of today’s youth would be as outwardly supportive of conservative politics if Ralph Klein’s Progressive Conservatives in Alberta and Brian Mulroney’s federal Tories were in power, yet that was the case.

Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a vocally right-wing college professor, lest he or she be ‘outed’ and ultimately unemployed over suspicious reasons.  Law students spend more time exposed to environmental issues than actual legal education at the literal expense of their parents or their credit rating.

Our two generational groups represent the first two in over a century not have a recognized global world war occur.  We’ve never faced the same direct call to learn honour and responsibility.

So, how are we responsible?  While a small but concerted effort was underway from the late 1970’s, those who should have been aware were distracted by the empty style and glamour of the time.  We were too busy with home computers and the rich ‘80’s to notice the building of the social justice foundation.

Just one of many areas in which we have failed the next generation.  We let the radical left gain control of our education systems, our influential media – both social and traditional, and we have let them set the agenda in the political arena.

Narratives have now replaced truth.  Feelings have replaced fact.

We are the ones who allowed that to happen.

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