Wildrose Still Afflicted with Dumbassery Bug

They still don't get it.  The lesson still hasn't been learned.

This week's episode of the Foot-in-the-Mouth show comes once again from the Wildrose group.  This time it was party leader Brian Jean's turn in the spotlight, grabbing headlines and causing self-damage to his stellar post-Fort McMurray fire image with an ill-conceived quip about 'beating' Premier Rachel Notley.
 Brian Jean  

Delivered in a public setting (smh), Jean immediately retracted and apologized, no doubt in anticipation of the inevitable backlash.  That didn't stop the storm however as NDP members and media types quickly swarmed on the 'joke', hammering the Wildrose leader.

I'm not going to defend Brian Jean or what he said - he's a very smart man who knows he made a mistake.  Given the current ultra-sensitive environment where every little thing said about Notley will is put the microscope by leftist Social Justice Warriors looking for a scandal, the weight of the mistake is magnified.

But some perspective is needed.

Was the backlash expected?  You bet.  Was the outrage justified?  Absolutely.

Was it the first time a politician made a similar 'joke' and caused damage?  Not at all.

  Rachel Notley  
I believe it was around the time of the 1989 provincial election when former Premier Don Getty made an almost identical quip: "....I may beat my wife, but....". 

Looking through the lens of common sense, even the harshest Wildrose critic would agree that Brian Jean obviously was attempting humor, and that this man would never purposely endorse or encourage any kind of physical attack on Rachel Notley, or any other woman for that matter.

But the error in judgment played right into the leftwing wheelhouse, and they took full advantage.  It was free fodder for the leftwing masses.

The same leftwing which has made everything from mocking to vandalism to death threats against rightwing politicians a regular strategy.

Was it a direct, intentional attack on women?  Of course not.

This was yet another appearance of the bug the Wildrose has carried since its inception as a political party, one in which the symptoms of dumbassery appear at the most inopportune times.

Brian Jean is a good political leader and a damn fine person.  But he has failed to do what previous leader Danielle Smith tried and failed to accomplish: eliminate the penchant for self-destruction that seems to be an unfortunate pillar in an otherwise brilliant and motivated political group.

The latest incident is just one more layer on the pile of public relations flubs that haunt the Wildrose.  It's also yet another motivating reason to support the reunification - and cleansing - of Alberta's political centre-right.

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