More than Right vs Left

The unlikely Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump battle has become a reality. 

While American media focuses on internal issues and spends its time on explaining away polls and creating false narratives, the world outside watches in fascination.

Many countries are experiencing similar political tide waves.

On the surface, Clinton vs. Trump is an experienced politician who was expected to be her party’s nominee running against a reality show celebrity/real estate tycoon.  An error.  A flub in the system. 

It took weeks for the main stream media to reduce the number of WTF stories regarding Trump’s rise.  It took even longer for them to reach a borderline ‘acceptance stage’, where the recent tone in their stories about Trump has moved slightly to the ‘take him seriously’ stage. 

They’ve all but dropped the endless theories to explain Trump’s rise and have moved on.  The reason is simple.  When you exhaust all the false assumptions and wild speculation, and turn an eye outward beyond America’s borders, you see a movement throughout many Western nations.

It explains why Donald Trump could be the next president.

It explains why the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote passed, to the shock and dismay of their main stream media.

After decades of creeping progressivism, the West has become weakened from within.  Political correctness played a definite role in the post-9/11 election of Barack Hussein Obama.  ‘Tolerance’ has allowed the inclusion of an unknown number of potential terrorists through our borders, lest those who wish for even the slightest screening are painted as bigots.

All the while, lifers from all points on the political spectrum who have lived in the political bubble and have become comfortable to the lifestyle by which they have become accustomed have become experts in playing the game where they promise change and accountability to the masses but work towards their own self-interests.

The rules aren’t strictly left versus right anymore.  Yes, the values are still important.  But the current situation isn’t just a matter of liberal against conservative. 

It’s free people versus the Establishment.

The United States has long been the example of individual rights and freedoms, and Americans face a choice between holding on and entrenching their traditional rights or surrendering them forever to the government Establishment as required by the political correct doctrine.

It’s for the greater-good, you know.

The Brexit vote in the UK signaled the struggle has reached across the Atlantic, as citizens rejected the European arm of the Establishment known as the European Union.  As in the United States, the foundation wasn’t right versus left, it was right versus wrong.  And right won.

We live in a world where those who are supposed to have our best interests at heart – our leaders – range from the weak to the complicit.  Obama has raised eyebrows in his dealings with Iran, and with issues such as Benghazi on his watch, Americans are waiting out the clock on his presidency. 

Germany’s Angela Merkel is been rightly vilified by Germans for her role in getting the whole refugee ball rolling.  Germans now routinely march in the streets against a leader who is seen as opening the door and allowing the under-reported occurrences of crime, including rape, in her country.

The situation is the same in places like France, England, and Sweden. 

The progressive left either ignores or feebly deflects this reality with chants of racism towards those who dare to question.  They are the pawns of the Establishment.  They have been convinced of the whitewashed ‘benefits’ of collectivism, presented in the cloak of ‘tolerance’.

They are the Clinton/Merkel/Trudeau voters who live in the Establishment-created Matrix.

Believers in liberty are finally ignoring the labels thrown their way and are standing up for individual freedoms.  The People are waking up and are becoming immune to the attempts by those who wish to keep us down.

The grassroots movement is getting stronger and as it becomes more powerful, those in the Establishment will become ever more frantic.  But it is unstoppable.

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