The Danger Must Be Recognized

Over the past several weeks, I have been approached by various groups of different stripes to join their cause.  Their goal is the same: some sort of conservative rebirth in Alberta. 

My response upon receiving an invitation has been to state (and re-state) my decision to stay out of any such groups until vetted, as well as my being unsure that any of this action will lead to the ultimate goal.

I have seen the PC party refuse any suggestion of an alliance or reunification with the Wildrose.  I’ve seen PC members who see the logic of a merger frustrated into defeated silence.  The leader of the Wildrose himself has put forth an olive branch which has been ignored and has withered, while some Wildrose party faithful fill social media with repeated, valueless shots at the Progressive Conservatives.

Branch-off groups have formed and have undertaken province-wide speeches and ‘listening tours’, representing the ‘grassroots’ movement, although certain ….ahem, ‘grassroots’ groups are full of former MLA’s and people who rank as demigods in Alberta PC lore.

The issues put forth as excuses of why the centre-right can’t get their act together are many, and some of them so entrenched that they have almost become part of each party’s flavour.

I have spoken with many members and supporters in each camp.  I have had long and detailed discussions with some of the brightest and well-informed, and I have learned in great detail what the major stumbling blocks are.

Through it all, the truth has become clear: there is no issue, barrier, or long-held grudge that even rates when compared to the present danger in which Alberta now finds itself.  There is no argument or difference of opinion between the PC and Wildrose factions that is of a higher importance than the task of stopping the NDP advancing their agenda.

Alberta is currently under the control of a group of people who, when faced with a situation in which their lack of knowledge and experience becomes a hazard, default to the only thing they know – the leftwing progressive agenda.

Rachel Notley’s socialist crew have already moved on our economic and social areas, growing government and debt hand-in-hand.  Alberta’s economic life-blood is under attack by a government which has already had to fight a lame public battle with their federal masters out of public relations necessity.  Taxes rise, jobs are lost, Alberta’s unemployment numbers spike.

Hard-working Albertans are being hit and hit hard.  We’ve seen this before: the loss of income, the despair, the effect on the family. 

Conservatives of years past came together and fought for Albertans in our time of greatest need.  That time has come once again.

No grudge is more important than that.

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Unknown said...

Tell that to Tom Lukaszuk and the pseudo-progressives that run the PCAA. They have moved too far to the left and are no longer willing to reconcile with proper conservatives.

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