Notley's Crew Knows Exactly What They're Doing

One day.  That’s all it took for the incompetence of Alberta’s ruling NDP government to be on display for all Albertans.

A fumbled opening of the Legislative session was just the latest of ‘rookie mistakes’ made by the New Democrats, adding to an ever-expanding list.  Something as simple as following well-known and long-established rules appears too complex for them, such as ensuring all doors leading into the Chamber are closed during a vote.

The NDP’s Brian Mason was compelled to make a ludicrous apology for allowing the free-flow of members, a minor infringement which could be excused for lack of experience.

But this is Brian Mason we’re talking about.  He’s certainly no newbie when it comes to rules and procedure – he’s spent years hounding about them from the Opposition benches.
 Brian Mason:
Certainly no rookie

No, the provincial NDP rookie-card can only be played so long before the ruling socialists must allow for the fact that Albertans are not, by and large, idiots.  We know we made a mistake at the ballot box and are holding our breath hoping to survive the next few years with as little damage as possible.

Unfortunately, early indications are that isn’t likely.

Rachel Notley’s NDP know they are most likely a one-term wonder in Alberta.  They know they have but one single term to instill as much far-left, progressive cronyism into the provincial political system as possible.

And they’ve hit the ground running.

We’ve already seen higher taxes and the creation of new taxes specifically geared towards damaging our energy sector.  An obvious target of the radical progressive crowd, Alberta’s oil industry is already suffering the effects of the global oil glut.  Notley’s policies are an additional boot on the throat of our financial life-blood.

We’re talking about a group of politicians that defend the indefensible, and do it with all the conviction of a snake oil salesman.  Going into contract negotiations with the provincial worker’s union (AUPE), the government hired a former top official with that same AUPE to negotiate…on behalf of the Alberta government.

The Notley government’s reaction when confronted in the Legislature?  A faux wide-eyed ‘what’s the problem?’ followed by scattershot attempts to justify the cronyism, finished off with a small helping of the usual accusations that the opposition parties are making far too much of it.

Albertans must awaken to the reality of the situation.  We have a ruling provincial party that has virtually zero degrees of separation from their federal counterparts – it could be argued they are but one single entity – whose policies are built on a foundation of benefit to their unionist benefactors, not what is in the best interests of Albertans.

So here’s the good news and the bad news.

The good news is there is plenty of time for the fractured political right in the province to get their act together.  The centre-right is as notorious for their penchant to disagree with one-another as they are for their superior policies.  Top-down, bottom-up, whichever path leads to a unified, common-sense alternative to Notley’s union-controlled socialist party will be most welcome by the time the next election comes around.

The bad news, of course, is we have to endure some years of policies which put the cult of environmentalism ahead of the economy, and faux ‘social justice’ issues ahead of actual justice issues.

And they’ve only just started.

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