Rapefugee Problem Exposes SJW Dumbassery

If there is one positive to the current refugee situation in the West, it can be found in the effect it has had on those we call ‘social justice warriors’.

With scores of so-called ‘refugees’ still flooding the free world, a horrible reality has set in: put to the ultimate test, progressivism has been exposed as the flawed belief system it is.  ‘Rapefugees’ has gone from being a random Twitter hashtag to an unfortunate reality in places such as Germany, Sweden, and of course France, along with other ‘accepting’ nations.

By now, everyone is aware of the New Year’s Eve rape-a-thon committed by Islamic refugees in Paris.  Also known is the response by government officials and the police, who chose to go to great lengths in the effort to hide or downplay the viciousness of these poor, downtrodden Arabs.

Yes, it doesn’t really matter now, but…I told you so.

What we are witnessing today is the inevitable result of left wing, feel-good policies which had the dual intent of silencing the sane - racist! Bigot! Xenophobe! – while claiming the imaginary social high-ground.

So morbidly na├»ve are SJW’s, even some who have felt the consequences of their stupidity by themselves falling prey to the raping intruders still continue to defend the indefensible.

“They don’t know any better.”

Germany, which has somehow supplanted France as ground zero for prime refugee problem hotspot, is flailing with ideas on how to handle the invited savages.  Cute, government-issue public signs denoting that acts such as molesting German women and defecating in public pools are not socially acceptable behavior are now appearing in public places.

Leader Angela Merkel is under siege from members of her own government over how unprepared she was.

Politicians in Sweden, the bastion of naivety, still stubbornly cling to the demonstrably false belief that nothing is wrong and instead have started to tell their citizens to be more accommodating.

“Don’t dress in a manner that would incite misunderstandings.”  Read: watch what you wear in public because these poor Islamists might get the wrong idea and rape you.


Groups of citizens in England, Germany and France have started protesting against the invasion, and have been targeted by the political left as ‘radicals’.

In the U.S., we hear of numerous incidents which have been white-washed as ‘random acts of violence’.  Media defaults to the ‘unknown assailant’ narrative in lieu of reporting the truth.  We are being played.

Meanwhile in Canada, we have just ended a decade-long era of strong leadership under the Stephen Harper-led Conservatives and replaced it with the dawning of a new embarrassment.  An entitled, elitist son of a former horrible Prime Minister has just recently been voted into power and moved swiftly to start pulling Canada out of the fight against ISIS while encouraging even more rapefugees to arrive.

Over the past few weeks, I have personally encountered more than 45 self-described SJW feminists on social media who have chosen to defend or outright ignore reality, choosing instead to focus on such important matters as the Oregon protest and ‘transgender bathrooms’ in public schools.

The upshot is this: when put to the definitive test, our ‘feminists’ aren’t about women’s rights whatsoever.  The movement is false; their intent has been a lie.  It was never about equality (shock), but about power and control.

They have been exposed by real life as the frauds they are.


Colleen McIntosh said...

Excellent article, agreed that we've heard crickets from the feminists!


kid3t3rnity said...

I really wish people wake up to this BS the left is spewing. In case anyone's never been to Saudi Arabia, the men there have no problem picking up chicks, mostly without the latter's consent. Same with Iran. It's part of their culture, after all.

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