Time to Ignore the Irrelevant

The freshly minted Liberal government of Canada is struggling to fulfill a campaign promise to take in some 25,000 ‘Syrian refugees’.

So many in such a short amount of time (self-imposed deadline is the end of this year) has created a logistical nightmare, and has caused even some staunch progressives to question how effective our vetting process will be.

Given the events in Beirut, Baghdad, and of course Paris, Canadians are emerging from the campaign fog and into the sunlight of reality.  We are asking valid questions regarding our safety and security, wondering how trustworthy our government is in the vetting process.

Is the desire to be seen as tolerant and caring more important than the obvious risk of inviting ISIS-style terror inside our borders?  Progressives seem to think so, with one well-meaning yet terminally na├»ve Canuck stating to me directly “…risking a few Canadian lives is worth it.”

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall disagrees, thank God.  Wall has called for a moratorium on the influx of refugees (not an end to it, as suggested by the low-info crowd), and in doing so has become the voice of reason in the debate.

He has also become the de facto leader of the opposition to the federal Liberals, but that’s another topic.

So intentionally blind to the potential dangers is the progressive crowd, they ignore the evidence before them and instead resort to their default method of ‘debate by false narrative’.

This isn’t the problem.  The problem is that non-progressives get sucked into lame arguments with these idiots instead of focusing on what’s important.

So sensitive has the moderate/right become that we would do anything to avoid being labeled as ‘racist’ or ‘intolerant’.  We have reacted like that for years, and over many issues.

We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by those who use labels and narratives in lieu of actual debate – because they cannot win on facts.

This has to stop immediately.

Trying to convince a moron that you are not, in fact, racist is futile.  They really don’t care.

The seriousness of the situation dictates a new strategy for those of us living in reality.  We must ignore the mindless rants of the low-info bleeding hearts.

Progressives have done nothing but run interference for radical Islamic organizations.  They have become simple apologists for evil, and as such should be disregarded and ignored as irrelevant.

After all, it has been years of systematic politically-correct pressure from the left that has led to where we are today.

The truth is, ISIS and like-minded jihadi groups want to kill us.  The truth is, at least three and perhaps more of the Paris attackers had gone through the ‘vetting’ process in Europe.

And the truth is, there is every reason to believe that some of the 25,000 intended ‘refugees’ bound for Canadian soil have links to radical Islam.

Therefore, if Progressives try to engage you in a useless debate, ignore them.  If the media fills the airwaves with apologists (CBC went full-on ‘not all followers of Islam are radical’ within about 5 minutes of their breaking news broadcast), go around them.

Our safety is too important to allow ourselves to continue to be bogged down by idiots.

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