Obama's Thumbs-Down on Keystone XL No Shock

President Obama drove perhaps the final nail in the Keystone XL's coffin by officially giving the thumbs-down to the Canada-US pipeline project.

Let’s be honest.  Had Obama approved the pipeline, the shock would have caused coronaries throughout the main stream media.  His completely unsurprising rejection caps his image as a warrior for the environment, playing to the lowest-info Americans who have long bought into the false narratives and blatant lies regarding Alberta’s oil sands.

Obama, who has routinely referred to Canada’s oil sands using the derogatory phrase ‘tar sands’, a fave of the radical green crowd, used the term ‘dirty oil’ in his speech.

Again, he revealed his true inner feelings by evoking a well-used term which fits the narrative perfectly – no matter that it is an outright lie. The ‘dirtiest oil’ in North America isn’t produced in Alberta, “…but just outside Los Angeles, where the Placerita oil field generates about twice the level of upstream emissions as Canadian oil sands production.”

Despite multiple studies by various government, industry, and environmental organizations exposing the chasm between reality and myth with regards to the question of danger to the environment, specifically the Keystone pipeline as well as the oil sands overall, Gang Green continues to ignore science (how’s THAT for hypocrisy?) in favor of ugly, pre-reclaimated pictures of oil sands sites as ‘proof’ it’s a disaster.

The sheeple Obama was playing to are the kind of intellectual giants who see celebs such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Daryl Hannah as more informed and trustworthy than actual scientists who have conducted the research.

Proof that the Keystone XL became nothing more than a symbolic pawn by the radical enviroNazi’s is the fact that “…since 2010, America has built the equivalent of 10 Keystone pipelines – and nobody said anything.”

Since Obama’s speech, the inevitable point-the-finger game has gone into overdrive.

Let’s be clear: If Obama put the kibosh on the project out of some weird act of revenge against the GOP for being ‘obstructionist’, he would expose a pettiness never before seen in the Oval Office.

A simple review of the record under the Boehner/McConnell regime shows that, in spite of bluster (and tears. My God, the tears) in front of the camera, the past seven years has seen the GOP bow to Obama’s agenda time and time again.

And stop with the 'he did it because Canada is pulling out of the fight with ISIS' garbage.  Seriously.

More likely is that Obama, not nearly as stupid as some see him, knows full well the results of his own State Department’s report on the Keystone and has decided to pretend they don’t exist.

Instead, Obama has had to make the one choice he’s had to make since the beginning of his presidency: side with the union segment of his base, or side with the radical environmental, low-info portion and solidify his image as the Great Green President.

He chose the latter, and in doing so, has removed one more pipeline option to move the oil between Canada and the U.S. – a method which has proven much safer with far less potential risk to the environment than alternative methods such as by rail.

Just ask the people of Lac-Megantic, Quebec.

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