Targeting Christians: Natural Progression

There can be no denying it now. 

Even as many leftwing media organizations try their best to ignore the truth about the victims, the killing spree in Oregon is indisputable proof that Christians are now seen as a legitimate target by psychos. 

This is what a few of the ‘tin-foil hatters’ warned about years ago: a progression of anti-Christian bigotry which has led to its natural result. 

As Western society has become more open and liberal over the past 5 decades, public attitude towards Christianity – seen as the foundation of traditional American values and morals – has seen religion systematically devalued.

The push towards a higher level of individuality and perceived freedom meant a push-back against the Church.

Media portrayals of Christians became stereotypical and cartoonish at a time when the push to remove Christian teachings, practices, and imagery from our schools took hold.

With the rise in progressive thinking and the subsequent onset of the social virus known as political-correctness, it became almost socially acceptable to mock those who believe in Christ. 

Motivated by a need to establish so-called ‘social justice’, the left has gone so far into the realm of Alinsky that they’ve convinced themselves of such things as that whites have an inherent ‘privilege’, only non-liberal Caucasians (in their mind, synonymous with Christians) can be racist although one cannot be racist against Caucasians, and most of all, that attacking Christians either personally or for their beliefs is not intolerance.

Even before the rise of ISIS, Christians were living under oppression in many Middle Eastern countries.  Since the terror army has been on the move, thousands of Christians have been tortured and slaughtered in ways not seen even in the Dark Ages.

Progressives couldn’t care less.  There was no rallies, no huge movement to Save the Christians!  There were hundreds of pictures and video clips documenting the heinous acts of mutilation, rape, and murder, but no picture of a boy on a beach.

So now we come to the Oregon tragedy.  The killer, whose identification took a curious amount of time to confirm and be released in comparison with previous mass murder incidents (why do the killers always seem to have multiple names?), reportedly asked each student what religion they were.  Those who admitted their love in Christ were murdered.

As seems to be the norm, this fact first swirled on social media while confirmation from the reliable main stream media (giggle!) was found.  Eventually it was, but certainly not spread widely and suspiciously absent from many known left-leaning media sources.

In lieu of drawing attention with the fact this was a targeted killing of Christians, the progressive left, led by the ultimate SJW Barack Obama, once again chose the inanimate object known as a ‘gun’ to be the focus.

A gunman enters a college and systematically kills Christian students and the ‘president’ jumps in front of the cameras at light speed to direct everyone’s focus away from the dead Christians and towards that evil Second Amendment. 

Now, I’m not the most traditional follower of Christ.  My views on same-sex marriage will attest to that.  But I recognize the reality of our society and have long warned of the dangers of a group mindset which allows for socially acceptable intolerance towards Christians.   

Progressives will continue to discount attacks on ‘privileged’ Christians by targeting the weapon instead of the motive. 

We are now in an era where Christians in America feel compelled to hide their faith.

Perhaps we should think of the one person who hasn’t been mentioned – the bravest person who chose to proclaim faith in the face of certain death: the second student to look the killer in the eye and answer ‘Christian’.

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