Trump's Popularity Explained

Many Canadians don’t get it.  We’re at a loss.  Same goes for lots of folks in the UK, Australia, and other various places.

Outside of the American culture bubble, scores of political fanatics are trying to understand the phenomenon that is Donald Trump.

How is this real estate mogul/long-time tabloid fodder not only running for President, but actually leading poll after poll with Republican voters?

While critics and skeptics alike draw and quarter everything from his immigration policy (throw the bums out!) to his never-ending string of so-called controversial statements looking for the key to his rise, the real foundation of his popularity can be traced back to two major areas.

First, as has been claimed so often it has become somewhat of a chant, he ‘says what people are thinking’.  True.  To understand Trump’s logic regarding illegals specifically crossing over the Mexican border, you need to understand what the real on-the-ground situation is in the Southern states.

It’s a mess, and the influx of illegals is putting an ever-growing strain on social programs, etc.

The second reason for Trump’s rise is more general, and something progressives simply cannot understand: he has put the entire fabricated concept of ‘political correctness’ in his gun sights.

The cultural fascism wrapped in a smile has grown increasingly present in our world.  It seems every day a new word is determined to be unacceptable, a traditional concept deemed intolerant.

Even the US Constitution itself has been repeatedly attacked by the PC forces.  The pendulum has swung way, way too far.

So along comes Trump to provide a voice for those who have seen tradition attacked, history revised, their flags banned, their words restricted, for some even their very race demonized (white privilege? Seriously?).

To progressives, Trump is an indecipherable enigma.

How can a man who is against what is so ‘right’ be so popular?  How can a presidential candidate become the favorite when he doesn’t care about the all-important issue of social justice?

The answer is simple, really.  After years of virtually no representation from the Democrats or their yes-men GOP, Americans have had enough.

They are looking beyond party lines and desire a leader who will stop the Chinese takeover of the American economy.  They recognize the imperative need for a president who will stand up to the nutjob who currently leads Russia.  They need a leader who will counter a nuclear Iran, not support it.

Americans have come to realize the severity of their current situation.  Years of the American government focusing on the wrong issues and executive decisions instead of the real threats in the world has weakened the nation.  Add to that a pop culture trying to dumb-down the public by spotlighting such important topics as burned out former athletes getting sex changes, and it would only make sense that the average American voter would look for something different.

Social justice warriors have had their day in the sun.  It was fun while it lasted, but it has led to the inevitable result.

Americans want a president who recognizes the real issues facing the country.  So far the candidate who has represented the best choice to lead the United States out of the politically-correct quagmire is Donald Trump.

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