Johnstone's Auschwitz Flub: Part of a Larger Issue

Poor Alex Johnstone.

The Hamilton NDP candidate is getting hammered everywhere in the media because of a random years-old joke she made about Auschwitz.

This is just the latest of a growing list of past quips, jokes, and tweets by candidates from all parties to be excavated and exposed.  And as usual, she was confronted and apologized.

But what makes this one a bit unique is what she said during her explanation: up until this week, Johnstone apparently didn’t know what Auschwitz was.  She had no clue about one of the worst factories of industrialized murder in the history of mankind.

Now here is the icing on the cake: according to the Hamilton Spectator, Johnstone is vice-chair of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and has been a school trustee since 2010.

That’s right, folks.  A person in a position of authority of a school board had only ‘heard about concentration camps’ but had no solid knowledge of Auschwitz until a few days ago.


But before we drag Johnstone to the town square and lock her in shackles, we have to understand that her ignorance is symptomatic of her generation – the first real ‘dumbed-down’ generation to go through our school system.

Her demographic learned less about the 3 ‘r’s’ and more about social justice.

So now this first batch of programmed kids has grown into their 30’s and have assumed positions of power in the workplace, including the education system.

Wonder why schools are spending more time teaching about transgender issues, global warming, the three pillars of Islam, and the evils of capitalism, and less about history?

Because history doesn’t coincide with the narratives being thrown at current students.

It’s only natural that subjects such as the systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews would be scaled back in today’s curriculum, as offering detailed information would run the risk of creating sympathy for the Jewish people – something that would run counter to the neo-anti-Semitism fad currently sweeping the progressive world.

If kids feel sorry for the Jews of World War II, it will be more difficult for the crop of far-left progressive teachers to convince students of the evil that is the ‘apartheid state’ of Israel today.

While I always relish the opportunity to nail a progressive on a matter of ignorance (which happens quite often), I will ease back on the throttle when it comes to Alex Johnstone.

If Johnstone didn’t know about Auschwitz, then she is a living, breathing confirmation of what I’ve claimed for more than a decade: our public education system has transformed from an actual institution of learning to that of agenda, propaganda, and narrative.

If anything, Johnstone’s dumbassery can be at least partially blamed on the progressives that came before her.


lazarus1940 said...

Huff Post had an article out today that says "The Huffington Post Canada found Johnstone participated in board meetings where prizes were awarded to teachers for "excellence in Holocaust Education."
And found tweets congratulating specific teachers on their Holocaust Education
Alex Johnstone @Alex__Johnstone

“@PeelSchools: Peel board students learn, reflect on Holocaust http://bit.ly/uQDdrw ” Great to hear!
5:18 PM - 7 Nov 2011

I call BS on her not knowing.

Mike Urry said...

Great post, I couldn't agree more! Read the "Mission Statement" of the Ontario College of Teachers.(http://www.oct.ca/about-the-college/mission-vision-values) Not a word about ensuring the effective teaching of young minds, but plenty of meaningless social justice weasel words and self promotional BS.
The PC attitudes at my son Steven's school were directly responsible for the ineffective, mealy mouthed, excuse filled non-response by the board, many teachers and the principal to the abuse that led to his suicide. We can't upset the bullies or their poor parents, now can we? Discipline or suspend a student?? The horror! I was labelled a trouble maker for suggesting they had no clue how to do their jobs, and banned from Board property for merely speaking up. The police were on MY side, telling the principal that parents DO have the right to speak their minds and protect their kids. The progressive indoctrination crew of agenda driven educators will let nothing upset their myopic, idealistic, and naive world view, and kids are getting caught in the crossfire, while being robbed of an education.

Keep up the good fight, and thanks for stepping up.
Mike Urry
Founder, His Name Was Steven
Anti-bullying and Youth Suicide Prevention Resources

Leigh Patrick Sullivan said...

I cannot imagine the pain your family is endures, Mike. I especially cannot fathom the depth of the pain your son felt as he suffered through such a horrible and preventable experience.

Thank you for the courage to tell your story here, and for standing up and taking action.

Prayers, my friend.

Mike Urry said...

Thanks, I appreciate it, Leigh.

His Name Was Steven