Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Progressive

With Duffy! a faint memory and a surplus which cut the legs out from under the Liberals and NDP, the current flavor-of-the-day issue is face coverings.

Yes, the NeverEnding Story III, aka the Canadian federal election campaign, has been a swirl of attention-grabbing issues almost exciting enough to keep you awake.

The Supreme Court of Canada handed down a ruling which stated that women do not have to remove a hijab during the citizenship ceremony.  Naturally, this has become a major election issue, with Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in favour of the removal of the veil and the other major parties against.

Interestingly, public opinion seems to be in Harper’s favour on this one, and at least one NDP candidate has dropped out of the race and thrown his support behind the Conservative hopeful over this issue.

One question that those on the centre-right have is why progressives would support the practice of wearing a hijab in the first place?  Contrary to popular belief, an Islamic woman is not required to wear one because of some religious directive.  It is a purely cultural symbol from a culture that traditionally subjugates women.

If a culture has a symbol of oppression, must we accept it simply because of perceived ‘tolerance’?

So I wonder, if Islam was followed by mostly Caucasian people, would white North American liberals still scream about ‘individual rights’ and defend the practice?

I maintain that the progressive left has become so self-diluted and tuned-in to political correctness, they have lost all trace of common sense.

The Islamic veil is a cultural symbol.  That is true.  It is a cultural symbol of oppression.  It is a symbol in some nations where women have little to no rights; where their sworn testimony in a court of law is legally worth ½ that of a man; where a wife who is raped (by stranger or husband) is the one who is punished, often by losing her life.

Where are the Social Justice Warriors?

Where are the feminists?

Must be too busy ignoring this as well as the slaughter of Middle Eastern gays by fawning over the ‘courageous’ Caitlyn Jenner while eating a bag of rainbow-colored Doritos.

This willful ignorance isn’t new for the left.  All one has to do is look at their reaction to the Syrian refugees – in which less than half are actually Syrian – to see the habitual double-standard which has become their modus operandi.

For years now and escalading since the horribly misunderstood ‘Arab Spring’, stories have swirled from the Mideast about the slaughter of Christians.  Priests, pastors, individuals, families, and even entire Christian towns have been murdered by the Islamic movement known as ISIS.

What is flirting extremely close to the definition of genocide is occurring and the response from the left is silence.

However, when a picture of a boy who died far too soon is shown to the world (an incident that raised many questions) the progressive left suddenly rises up in unison.

Never mind that the vast majority of said ‘refugees’ are healthy males, never mind that ISIS recruiters have already been captured among the legitimate refugees, never mind that those countries which first accepted refugees are now experiencing the expected troubles (Germany, France, Greece, Finland, Sweden have all had incidence of violence).

Especially never mind that while thousands of Christians have been raped, tortured, beheaded, set aflame, and crucified, our liberal elite ignored the evidence and then attempted to take the moral high ground by using the Syrian refugees to build a narrative.

What else should we expect from an ideology that puts more value into the existence of a tree than it does a human life?

Stripped away from the clutter of narratives, it seems quite obvious that progressives are the voice of equality for gays but not Mideast gays, women but not Mideast women, and for all cultures and religions so long as that religion isn’t Christianity.

When it comes to the progressive left, tolerance extends only to the edge of their narrative.

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