Canada Must Stifle Emotion Over Syrian Refugee Crisis

We’ve reached the mid-point of the federal election campaign and so far…..zzzzzzz.

Duffy! was the theme for the first half, with public reaction ranging from outrage to indifference.  Media has played its usual role, albeit on steroids, by blatantly turning its spotlight on controversial social media posts by Conservative candidates while all but ignoring similar examples of dumbassery by Liberal and NDP soldiers.

What is with the NDP and their overwhelming anti-Christian bigotry?

Now the Syrian refugee ‘crisis’ has taken center stage, and naturally it’s all Stephen Harper’s fault – not that the so-called crisis exists, but that the Canadian government just isn’t doing enough fast enough to get these fleeing souls to the safety of our shores.

What a wonderful, emotionally-charged weapon to use against Harper.  How pathetic.

Despite what you might see reported by the Canadian main stream media (shock!), there are more than just a few questions that have arisen about the entire situation.  Those on the front lines of the crisis in places like Hungary, Poland, Germany, etc., tell stories of riots, refugees refusing to follow instructions and attempting to bypass the system by telling authorities where they want to go (the UK and Germany seem to be favorites).

The fact that the vast majority of refugees are fit adult males is interesting.  The fact that a shipment of humanitarian aid’ intercepted in Greece turned out to be weapons and ammunition is a red flag that is, once again, ignored by the MSM.

In Canada, if you point these things out you are immediately labeled heartless.

The false narratives are being perpetuated at the highest levels.  This morning I heard a radio interview with a local Liberal candidate who continued to spread the ‘they’re mostly women and children’ line.  He is either horribly misinformed or purposefully lying and therefore politicizing the situation for electoral gain.


The bleeding-hearts of the nation have never understood the fact that millions of Islamists believe it is their purpose to make non-Muslims either submit or die.  Many have ignored or written off as ‘fear-mongering’ the truth about ISIS and ‘radical Islam’, even though ISIS stated this crisis would happen and they would blend jihadists in with the others.

They don’t believe it exists, therefore they don’t see a problem opening the flood gates and allowing scores of ‘refugees’ to settle in Canada with little or no background checks.

Years of leftwing indoctrination in our education system has created a younger voting segment which suffers from arrogant naivety.  We are now seeing the results, as these new voters have been conditioned to believe in fairy-tales.

Comparisons to past refugee situations falls apart simply because those refugees did not come from a part of the world, or follow a religion, which called for the death and destruction of the West.

Of course Canada should continue to be a safe haven for those around the world who seek asylum.

But we can’t do it blind.  We cannot allow emotion to overrule common sense.

The security of our nation must be a factor in this.

While the refugee crisis unfortunately becomes a political pawn in the current election campaign, Canadians must rise above the garbage being spewed by candidates and media alike.

Canada should open our borders to refugees – with stringent checks to confirm they are legitimate refugees.  To do otherwise would be dangerously foolish.

….and since when do ‘refugees’ take selfies?


Tammy said...

Wow, your ridiculous rant shows just what a Con lover you are, racist and judgemental.
Our PM is accountable for what happens to this country and he's done a piss Poe job of it. If you were smart enough to pull your head out of Harper's ass, you'd see there's more to Canada than just making money off oil and padding corporations full of cash and breaking Legislation laws all over the place.
And yes, I do think you're disgusting.

Leigh Patrick Sullivan said...

" and he's done a piss Poe job of it..." -- *poor

...but congrats on using the proper 'you're'!

James Dean said...

What a sad hateful person you are. It is a bit rich for you to express anti-christian indignation when you don't seem to possess any christian values yourself.

Leigh Patrick Sullivan said...

Go in peace, my son.

Hatrock said...

Well said! The commenters only prove your point!

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