The Conservative Quandary

We’re now well underway with Marathon Election Campaign 2015 , and so far it seems the only issue being discussed has nothing to do with actual government policy. 

The Duffy affair has filled both traditional and social media mediums, with each new courtroom revelation sparking another round of intense debate.  Defenders of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives – and there are many – hold fast to their loyalty to a Prime Minister who has led Canada through choppy economic waters.

Lost in the Duffy typhoon are the rather impressive Tory accomplishments.  Economically, Canada is at or near the top in almost every international category.  Under the Harper government, Canada’s middle class has become the wealthiest in the neighbourhood. 

Despite the frenzied claims from the left, Canada’s reputation on the international stage has improved, as the several awards and acknowledgements given to Harper and his government will attest.

The truth is, Harper is well-respected globally.  He is seen as a strong leader with the right priorities.  He is currently Israel’s unofficial closest ally and friend, and under his leadership our nation’s reputation has changed from passive UN peacekeepers with no real authority to active participants in fighting evil in the world. 

Our voice is louder and more respected.

Harper as so far refused to jump on Obama’s Iran deal bandwagon, much to the chagrin of progressives (the very same progs who usually chant the ‘Conservatives are American puppets’ whenever they do saddle up with the Yanks), and we were fighting ISIS before fighting ISIS was cool.


No matter how you try to spin it, the established facts that have been revealed under oath paint a picture that, at the very least, has to raise questions in the minds of common sense conservative voters.

Whether or not it is a construct of opponents and critics, the entire affair has come down to the question of: Was Stephen Harper aware of the Duffy payment?

If his repeated denials are true, then he had a staff under him that had no problem keeping things from him.  If Harper’s denials are false, then he finds himself in the midst of an election campaign as an admitted liar.

The frustration for conservative voters is in the similarities to the last Alberta election.  The Get Them Out wave against the Progressive Conservatives was so intense that voters paid little attention to who they were replacing them with.  Multiple post-election polls consistently show voters voted overwhelmingly AGAINST the PC’s, with very few indicating the voted FOR Rachel Notley’s NDP.

Frustration is also caused by the fact the Duffygate has taken much of the media focus away from the opposition.  Thomas Mulcair’s NDP owes millions in taxpayer dollars, yet the subject has been virtually silenced. 

Almost every day some anti-oil, anti-Christian, or anti-Israel statement by an NDP candidate is uncovered, but to very little fanfare.

And this group stands to replace the Conservatives.

Few have looked at the Liberals and given consideration to the possibility of Justin Trudeau representing Canada on the international stage.  Having Canada’s Prime Minister sitting at the kid’s table during a G20 meet-and-greet would be embarrassing.  Having Trudeau negotiate with Putin would be dangerous.

It certainly won’t be admitted publicly, but there are many conservatives who are dealing with the choice of voting for a party with a fairly good record but whose leader may or may not have lied regarding Duffy, or staying home on Election Day and taking the chance of having the Alberta outcome go national.

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