"Marvin...what do we do now?"

There is a very notable scene at the end of the Robert Redford film “The Candidate” when Redford, playing an electoral hopeful whose entire candidacy was fabricated from start to finish, celebrates his unintended victory by turning to his manager and through the cheering asks: “Marvin…what do we do now?”

Since the political rise of Donald Trump, many pundits along with Democrats and GOP establishment folks have swirled a rumor that Trump is little more than the Redford character.  Certainly Trump’s comments criticizing long-time Republicans has added fuel to the fire, as has his past quips supporting several Democrat policies.

When combined with several controversial statements on issues such as immigration, and the infamous pre-announcement chat with Bill Clinton, you are left with some pretty obvious smoke, even if no fire can yet be seen.

But if this is a conspiracy, if this is just some extravagant ploy – some believe the Trump candidacy is a master plan to ensure the election of Hillary Clinton – the wheels are falling off rapidly.


Trump’s ‘controversial’ statements have not destroyed his chances, but instead have improved them.  Experts in the media are suffering concussions from head-spinning over his popularity.  The more he rattles the cage, the higher his polling numbers.

The Donald is saying what many Americans think, and not just conservatives.  While the split between the GOP Establishment and the ordinary right wing American is well-known (see: Tea Party), many on the other side of the spectrum have lost faith in their own Democrat Establishment, which of course is where you’ll find Hillary.

Many traditional Democrat voters have tuned out Obama as ‘too far left’, and have turned on Hillary simply because of her involvement in issues such as the email scandal, Benghazi, etc.

How else can one explain the rise of ultra-leftwing socialist Bernie Sanders as a strong contender for the Democrat nomination?

Legitimate candidate or plant, genuine Presidential hopeful or a chess piece in an elaborate conspiracy, the fact is Donald Trump has not only risen to the top of the heap, he has remained there because people are buying what he is selling: a plan to destroy the shackles of political-correctness and turn the country around from its spiral into economic and social chaos.

If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination or even goes on to win the battle for the keys to the White House, let’s hope when he turns and asks “Marvin….what do we do now?”, Marvin will have an answer. 

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