Random Rants: Summer 2015

The Donald™ Trumps the GOP

How is it that this business and entertainment kingpin can be leading the field of Republican contenders?  How could a man, whose personal life has long been fodder for tabloids, appeal to so many Americans?

How could his poll numbers, taken after the so-called ‘scandalous’ comments about illegal immigrants followed by the inflammatory remarks about John McCain (accurate as they may be), spike upwards?

The reason is actually quite simple – so simple, in fact, that the ‘experts’ and tall foreheads of the main stream media can’t see it.

He is saying what many Americans have been saying for years.  Voters in coffee shops and working the oil rigs and slaving at retail have seen the influx of illegals.  They know the military has been decimated.  They’ve seen their history – the bad and the good – attempted to be erased.  They’ve seen first-hand the impact of Obama’s America.

Whereas media, university professors, and other assorted elitist progressives have sheltered themselves inside the bubble of political correctness, the average (normal?) American understands the nation is on the edge of a precipice and needs saving.

Trump might speak on subjects that are not ‘acceptable’ and he might do it in a tone that is unapologetic and uncompromising.  And after years of anti-American, race-baiting leftwing Democrat control propped up by the watered-down ‘conservatives’ in the GOP, real people are looking for real change.

And that is what Trump has tapped into.

Is That Enough Time?

From the moment Alberta’s NDP claimed its surprising victory last spring, everyone was repeating the ‘give them a chance’ chant (in between shouts of ‘fear-mongering!’ that is…). 

So we did.  And out of the gate we were rewarded by a threat to our freedoms with a discussion on banning menthol cigarettes.  Now, flawed rationale aside, Albertans were quick to voice their collective opposition which seemed to shock a few novice NDP MLA’s, including my own during a ‘poliwings’ get-together.

Now the ‘Don’t Call Us Socialist’ socialists have secured 6 billion in future debt….if they need it.  Technically, the money hasn’t been borrowed as of yet, and we all know a government wouldn’t jump at the chance of an extra few billion to spend, right?  ….right?

Let’s just go ahead and call it another 6 billion, which essentially adds 50% to the provincial debt.  It seems my fear-mongering is shared by Moody’s, which has voiced concern about Alberta’s stability and the ability to hold our AAA rating.

To think that all of this – from Stelmach to Redford to the inevitable collapse of the PC house to the election of the Notley-led band of far-left NDPers – could’ve been avoided way back had the PC’s elected Jim Dinning as leader instead of Unsteady Eddie Stelmach.

Waving the Flag

I caused a bit of a stir on Twitter when I posted the fact I had a Confederate flag.  One leftwing weirdo made a point of retweetng in an attempt to somehow ‘shame’ me.  Failed, naturally.

Folks, it’s a flag.  The meaning behind it – historic or ‘racist – is actually quite irrelevant.  What does matter is it is a part of history.  That cannot be denied.  What also can’t be denied is that banning a flag does nothing to rid the perceived evil it represents.

Would banning the Nazi Swastika flag (which is prohibited in many places) end racism?  Would removing all pictures and flags bring back the millions the Nazi’s murdered?

Of course not.

The Confederate flag flap is about as disingenuous a ‘movement’ as you will find.  An indication it has also become quite ridiculous is when pop culture symbols are changed (Dukes of Hazard/General Lee) and fading celebs get involved in hopes of grabbing one last shimmer of the spotlight by ‘apologizing’ for past usage of the flag (Tom Petty).

Appropriate last name, actually.

Look, a flag doesn’t cause racism any more than a gun kills people.  It takes a bad person behind it to make it ‘bad’.

Erasing the symbol will not erase the evil.

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