Decade: 2005-2015

As I close in on ten years of inflicting intense suffering on unsuspecting surfers via the blogosphere, I marvel at the creation and explosion of social media which I have taken full advantage of, and the wicked ride I’ve been on.

Starting out as a method of research for a now long-abandoned writing project, I launched ‘The Moderate Separatist’ in June, 2005.  A blog originally focused on certain aspects of Alberta history, it quickly outgrew – and indeed, ultimately rejected – its intended purpose and transformed into my personal all-encompassing opinion soapbox.

Over time, and as the audience began to fill with people located far beyond the Alberta border, the name itself changed into the more general (narcissistic?) current moniker.

While topics have usually been of the social and political flavor, at times I have branched out and written other subjects, including my own movie and music reviews.

But politics is where my blog’s home is and, with cross-traffic generated from my modest Facebook and no-holds-barred Twitter accounts, I have obtained somewhat of a following along with an online reputation.

By no means is mine a household name, but there have been instances where my reputation was known before I was.  This has had its good and bad points.

The first time I was recognized in public was by a sweet older lady at the Fort Saskatchewan Sobeys.  She asked if I was “that blogger”, and when I confirmed (while helping her with a bag for her produce), she quietly told me that she “loves my style”.

Before you start accusing me of self-aggrandizing, I will fully disclose that the next time I was ‘recognized’ in public was several years later at a Sherwood Park 7-11.  I strolled in one Saturday afternoon wearing a LeighPatrick.com hoodie.  A twenty-something guy in line took a look and quipped: “Do you read that guy?”  My coy response in the affirmative was met by his wonderful: “…the guy’s a total prick.”

With all due respect to the sweet old lady, Face-piercing dude at the 7-11 gives me more sense of pride.  Why?  Because he obviously disagrees with my point of view on many things, yet he also has obviously read my stuff.

Everyone has critics, and naturally the more known you become the more (and louder) critics you collect.

My opinions might not be shared by all – or many, for that matter.  The fact that I have formed them from years of experience and research isn’t what annoys my naysayers, it’s my presentation.

It’s not the fact that I reject political correctness or despise big government or believe in equal rights over special rights or that I am a Christian who supports same-sex marriage that drives these people insane, it’s the fact that I am unapologetic about it.

That, and I do tend not to suffer fools lightly and take the opportunity to mock them at every turn.

But along the way I have experienced many disagreements with those whose ideology I supposedly share, while creating avenues of dialogue with those on the other side of the fence.

So as I cultivate ideas and prepare to enter the next ten years of inflicting my views on others, I thank all who have visited, shared, supported, bitched, moaned, and whined.  I love you all.

I’ll close out with perhaps my favorite quote, spoken between two people upon encountering me in person for the first time:

“…you know, he’s not as bad as I thought he’d be.”

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