The Final Stretch: A Social Media Guide to Online Supporters

Only a few days remain until Albertans cast their ballots, and social media has become frenzied.  If you plan on jumping into the online fray, it would help to have a little background going in, no matter which side you’re on.

Here’s what you can expect from the various party supporters from the Twitterverse to Facebook and all virtual points between…

PC’s: Almost too quiet.  You’ll get a sense of disillusionment when they try to repeat the ‘Prentice is the only person who can do this’ mantra.  You’ll swear they’re trying to convince themselves when they say it.  To be fair and understanding, it must be hard to defend debt, corruption, etc., and the recent internal public nightmares have only made things worse for these folks.

It’s tough to feel the reigns slipping after having a grip for so long.  Watch for the stunned effect to fade into panic as we near the end of the race.

NDP: Here you’ll find two distinct groups – the unionists (mostly teachers) who will impress you with their intellect and statistical knowledge, but ultimately will slip into blurbs which will seem like they were lifted from the last AUPE strike demands.  These lifers are stone-set in their ways. 

The other group is wild, man.  Soon after engaging you will think to yourself *it’s like I’m debating a bunch of first-year college kids*.  Then you’ll realize you ARE debating a bunch of first-year college kids.  These poor, dumb bastards are factually clueless and will quickly become Mynah-birdesque in their repetition of left wing narratives and talking-points.  Their brand of logic is based on refuting opposition to big-government trickle-down socialism with shouts of ‘they’re worse!’ while pointing at the PC’s.  Nonsensical as a rule, but any exchange is downright entertaining.

Wildrose: They stand by their convictions, of that there is little doubt.  A party that should have completely imploded given the past year, what has actually resulted is a party that has all but shaken out the dirt.  What remains is a refreshed, perhaps reborn party full of supporters who see the common sense in a small-c government without the corruption. 

The problem with this group isn't the message, but the lack of attention it has been getting.  Between the buzz of the potentially falling PC dynasty and the buzz over unexpectedly high poll numbers for the NDP, much of the Wildrose message has gotten lost in the social media static. 

Alberta Party: A repeat of the enthusiasm we saw in 2012 and the follow up by-election of last year.  The only group you’ll feel compelled to be on your best behaviour simply because they all seem so damn nice.  You’ll want to like them.  Hell, you WILL like them.  But you’ll also think they’re completely nuts when it comes to policy.  If you can’t share a platform, definitely share a beer with these folks.

Alberta Liberals: The most powerful microscope on the planet is called the Scanning Transmission Electron Holography Microscope (STEHM), located at the University of Victoria.  With the STEHM, individual gold atoms were viewed at a resolution of 35 picometres, which is 10 times better than a standard electron microscope and 20 million times larger than what the human eye can see. This added clarity may make it possible to see electron bonds—the electrons binding the atoms together. 

If you were to have this marvel of human ingenuity at your disposal and used it at the fullest of its capacity, you’d still be unable to find an Alberta Liberal supporter on social media.

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