2015: Reading the Tea Leaves

Canadian Politics

– We will see continued media promotion of Justin Trudeau in a concerted effort to mask his shortcomings, least of which is his complete lack of qualifications for the Prime Minister’s job.  The ever-expanding low-info voter segment will eat it up.

- Stephen Harper’s Conservatives will deftly stickhandle through the year’s economic strife while Harper himself will continue to enjoy more popularity on the international scene than he does at home. 

- The Conservatives will win another (yet smaller) majority.

Alberta Politics

- The ruling Progressive Conservatives will have a difficult time keeping their balanced budget promise in the face of dropping oil prices.  Red Tory Premier Jim Prentice will either cut spending, raise taxes, or both.  I’m guessing both.

- Locally, the pending ‘battle’ between PC MLA Cathy Olesen and Wildrose challenger Linda Osinchuk will be no battle at all.  Olesen will win in a landslide.

- The Wildrose will prove their critics wrong and will still exist at year’s end.  They will not maintain Official Opposition status after the next provincial election, however.

- The Alberta Party will continue to grow and will find itself as a legitimate alternative to the other opposition parties for non-PC voters.

- If she decides to run, Danielle Smith will face strong opposition for the PC nomination…and could lose.

American Politics

- President Obama will not approve the Keystone XL pipeline (shock!).

- The conservative split between the old farts of the GOP and the grassroots will result in more time spent attacking their own (Boehner was just re-elected as Speaker), allowing Obama to continue on his path of ‘fundamentally changing’ America.  God help us.

- The U.S. will continue to cozy up to murderous dictators and shun traditional allies.

Around the World

- More Islamic terrorism, more cries of ‘mental problems’ and ‘workplace violence’ by those sweet, na├»ve idiots clinging to their mantra of tolerance in the face of reality. 

- Pushback against Islamism will gain ground in Europe.  We’re seeing it already in places like Germany, where many have ignored the stereotypical calls of ‘Nazi’s!’ and have started to rally against Sharia.  Surely other countries like Sweden and England, where acts of terror and violence have become commonplace, will follow suit.

- Israel will be forced to become more autonomous as the pipeline from America slows.

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