GSA's: Just Get It Done

If there is one positive to come out of the clustermuck that is the issue of school Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta, it is the increase in public awareness of the fact that many gay students still feel marginalized and discriminated against.

One of a few bright spots in an otherwise disgusting display.

The topic of GSA’s in schools has, for the most part, lost its main focus of equality and has instead been hijacked and politicized by those seeking to push their own agenda while appearing ‘accepting’.

While no Bill is perfect, Alberta Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman’s Bill 202 represented a fantastic step in the right direction when it comes to addressing GSA’s.

For those of you who believe you are experiencing an aneurism, I will repeat: I supported an Alberta Liberal’s Private Member’s Bill.   I think that’s a first…

The PC’s ham-handed attempt of their own – Bill 10 – not only had the taste of being cobbled together at the last minute (the smarmy bit where students who are refused permission to form a GSA could take the matter to court was a giveaway),  but it also reeks of being a sacrificial lamb.

The outcry from the public against Bill 10 was soon joined by opposition from within the PC’s own room.  It almost seems like the government Bill was introduced to purposely fail, and to take Blakeman’s Bill 202 down with it.

And we’re back at square one.

In the public forum, the issue of GSA’s has been dissected from every angle.  Parent’s rights advocates argue with social justice warriors, Christians argue with leftwing progressives, moderate conservatives argue with social conservatives who argue with big government proponents who argue with…

The kids watch as the adults act like idiots.

Personally, I have had a great deal of difficulty understanding opposition to GSA’s.  Simply a volunteer student’s group, no one is suggesting mandatory attendance for kids, only that students be allowed the freedom to form a GSA if they so choose.

What the hell is wrong with that?  Being gay isn’t illegal.  Being straight and supporting gay equality isn’t illegal.  It isn’t immoral, either.

I say this as someone who is known to support freedom and liberty, and as a Christian who, yes, has openly supported LGBTQ equality.  If God’s plans were for me to currently be of high school age, I have no doubt I would be a regular member of my school’s GSA group.

And if my school refused to allow the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance within its four walls, I’d be at the front of the protest demanding our right to do so.

Politicians of almost all stripes are losing this battle.  Stop the politicizing, stop the garbage.

Just get the damn thing done.

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