The Obligatory Sun News Column

If Ezra Levant’s intent was to cause a stir (as it often is), he has certainly succeeded.

National papers are full of opinion pieces, with Levant’s latest controversy being dissected every which way.  Some of the criticism has gone beyond the notorious shit disturber and focused on the Sun News Network itself, criticism that mostly emanates from the traditional far-left SNN bashers and people who have never actually watched the network.

His recent comments, in which he called former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau a ‘slut’, were over the top.  His comments regarding Justin’s mother Margaret were just as harsh.  Levant also made some assumptions which opened the door for more criticism.

And no matter how much truth there may be in his words, it ends up lost in the scatter-shot of rhetoric.

In no way do I defend Ezra Levant for his comments, but the reaction from some circles is as intentionally over-the-top as Levant’s comments, including from Justin Trudeau himself.

In announcing he was ‘boycotting’ Sun News over this, Trudeau had many perplexed: hadn’t he already boycotted Sun News?

Trudeau’s media strategists long ago made the decision to exploit the far-left’s ‘Sun is evil’ narrative.  His dismissive attitude towards the network has been well-documented.  It’s what happens when a coddled politician is faced by media that doesn’t pant at his arrival.

If you don’t like the message, attack the messenger.

What sets Sun News apart from other Canadian networks is precisely the cause of the psychosis on the left.  It discusses issues that are often downplayed or even ignored by the main stream media.  The irony is found when the traditional MSM is eventually forced to discuss those very same issues.

Folks regularly bash the network for being biased, even labelling the network the propaganda station of the federal Conservative party.

The hypocrisy is stunning.  For if SNN is the public mouthpiece for the Tories, the $1.1 billion per year taxpayer-funded Canadian Broadcasting Company is and has been the unofficial media wing of the federal Liberals, NDP, and all things ‘progressive’ for decades.

One only needs to look back at the fawning over Jack Layton, a man with no discernable accomplishments yet touted endlessly by the CBC as almost angelic during the last election to see evidence of this.  Now, they’re doing the same with the new man with no discernable accomplishments, Justin Trudeau.

The Sun News Network, by its very nature, invites attacks from those who are shocked that a network dares to deviate from the traditional ‘Canada = leftwing’ narrative.  So long as they continue to present the non-progressive alternative, they will be targeted regardless of Ezra Levant’s controversial comments.

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