Who Are They In It For?

The preparation for the next Alberta provincial election battle is in its early stages, but already some interesting developments are starting to take shape.

The race for the next leader of the Progressive Conservatives is well underway, with the candidates doing all they can to whip up some excitement that has so far been barely mild buzz.  Only the impending race for the provincial New Democrat leadership ranks lower on the thrill scale.

At the constituency level, some from the Politicians of Convenience™ group are already stepping into the spotlight.  Individuals with the sole intention of furthering his or her own career by using the ‘flavour of the month’ parties happen in all elections, and the next one looks to be no different.

Chandler: Doesn't waiver

There is one name who has been brought up as an example of this, and wrongfully so.  Craig Chandler is a familiar name on the Alberta political scene.  Chandler, who is currently running for the nomination for the P.C.’s in Calgary-Shaw, has a history of associating with various provincial parties, including the Wildrose.

But in Chandler’s case, he doesn’t fit the M.O. of a ‘convenient politician’.  I’ve known Craig for years now, and I know that while the party colours may change, his personal beliefs and political views do not.  He does not waiver on his positions, no matter if they’re unpopular.

In contrast, an Edmonton-area hopeful for a different party is raising eyebrows for the simple reason that this person’s track record in public office runs almost completely counter to the platform of the party the individual hopes to represent. 

Already I have heard numerous accusations that this person is in it for themselves, hoping to catch a ride on the wave many people are assuming will occur which will result in a new governing party.

One look at the record and it does seem curious.  Does this nominee really share the views of the party?  Does the nominee prescribe to the same ideology, or is this a case of personal aspiration?

Moreover, how closely are the party’s themselves vetting candidates, and by what criteria?  Are having a known name and a financial nest egg as important as ideology?

As all the parties get their troops in place for the next battle of the ballot box, take a good look beyond the buzz words on the pamphlets and study the candidates.

Are they in this for you or for themselves?

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