Tories Sold On Prentice, Albertans Not So Much

The mini-poll has closed and judging by the results, Alberta voters aren’t exactly planning to automatically jump on-board a Jim Prentice-led Progressive Conservative ship.

Perhaps someone should tell the P.C.’s? 

The poll:

‘Would a Jim Prentice leadership victory convince you to vote P.C.?”

The results:

Yes – 2%
No – 90%
Maybe – 7%

As the coronation of Prentice takes shape – Ken Hughes has just changed his mind on running and possible leadership candidate Jonathan Denis has decided not to run, and both are endorsing Prentice – the voting public doesn’t seem to share the party’s enthusiasm over The One Who Would Save the Party.

It should be noted that there is one other confirmed candidate in Ric McIver, who will take a slice of party support.  There is also lots of time for other candidates to throw their names into the ring.

But the coronation appears to be right on schedule.  The party enthusiasm over the possibility of a Prentice leadership is palpable. 

So far, it appears Alberta voters don’t share that excitement.


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