Confirmed: Alison Redford in Palm Springs

The message was short: 'I know where Alison Redford is. ...no joke!'.

The message from my life-long friend was followed up to a link of her friend's Facebook page.  It seems some friends who are currently enjoying the warm sun of Palm Springs recognized someone in a restaurant.
Credit: Kurt Bowley's
Facebook page

It was none other than MIA MLA Alison Redford.  Missing since her departure as Alberta premier, everyone had been kept guessing as to the whereabouts of the MLA for Calgary-Elbow.  Even some PC MLA's such as Thomas Lukaszuk had publicly asked that she return to work.

By sheer chance, the mystery had been solved.  The first picture was quickly followed up by a second, more clear one.  There is also a rumour of a short video.

I posted the pics on my Twitter account last night.  This morning, I awoke to a swarm of activity.

Credit: Kurt Bowley's
Facebook page
After much frustration (remember, the source of the pictures were also on vacation in Palm Springs and had no idea of the growing tsunami back home), confirmation was established.  They had seen Alison Redford not once, but on two occasions this past week.

The reason behind her trip to California are, at this time, unknown.  There could be very valid reasons for her to be there, and until either Redford or the P.C. party addresses the situation, I must give her the benefit of the doubt.

But no one can deny that the optics of this is absolutely horrible.  Still suffering from the sting of having the 'entitled' label slapped on it, any hope the P.C. party had that the public would start to move on was stopped dead by this.

Alison Redford may not be the premier, but until we know different, it looks like the culture of entitlement might have survived.

Did the party know Redford was in California?  Did she make her request for continued pay while in Palm Springs?  Who's paying for this?

Given recent history, it is understandable that Albertans would expect answers to these questions.

The Sun's Matt Dykstra -- 'Missing Redford spotted having dinner in Palm Springs'  http://www.edmontonsun.com/2014/04/26/missing-redford-spotted-having-dinner-in-palm-springs

CTV Edmonton -- 'Alison Redford Spotted in Palm Springs'  http://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/alison-redford-spotted-in-palm-springs-1.1793976#ixzz301m5YX4i

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