A Visit to the Trade Fair

I just spent a few hours wandering Millennium Place at the annual Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce Trade Fair, and once again it is quite a show.

Packed to the rafters with visitors as expected on an early Saturday afternoon, the buzz of the curious filled the complex.  

The usual exhibitors are there, showing their sometimes eclectic wares and services that range from hot tubs to therapeutic massage chairs to farm equipment to some pretty damn fine fudge.

I even found one booth where you got to tell someone what they should do for a career.  Odd, but whatev’s…  

Discussing County issues
with Mayor Roxanne Carr
The fair is an amazing platform for small and medium sized businesses in Strathcona County.  Judging by the crowd today, the exposure is as good as any business owner could hope for.

Chatting with Sherwood Park
MLA Cathy Olesen
The Trade Fair is also a wonderful place to come face to face with elected politicians from the area.

While one should never realistically expect to monopolize the time of a representative at such an event, the show does offer the public the chance to shake hands with those who represent them, and an opportunity to receive the latest information on government planning and policies.

From those working the name recognition game in hopes of entering public office in the future to those already serving the public, the trade fair allows brief yet direct interaction. 

Kudos to the organizers of the trade fair.  Once again they have pulled off an amazing feat of effective planning and logistics, which has contributed to making the Trade Fair a highlight in the yearly event calendar of Strathcona County. 

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