Make Love Not Hate - Donate!

I've jumped on board.

Go here to donate - http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/make-love-not-hate

Who We Are: 

Edmontonians who believe the answer to the hatred Fred Phelps life was controlled by is not to spew counter hatred upon his death, but to mark his passing by actively showing that love always has more value than hatred, and that every intention can be changed. 

Our Challenge: 

Inspired by an I Dig Your Girlfriend post by Janelle Aker - written just hours before the death of Fred Phelps - a group of Facebook friends have come together to give positive meaning to the life of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church. Rather than engage in the same hatred Phelps was absorbed by throughout his life, donate to our "Love in The Name Of Phelps" fund. All funds collected will be donated to the Pride Centre of Edmonton in Fred Phelp's name.

The Impact
Free yourself from engaging in the consuming hatred that was Phelp's brand and in doing so know that you are helping Edmonton's LGBTQ community by contributing to community resources for those most affected by his hatred.

Just Say No to Hate. Donate.

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