Giving the Oldies a Spin

For everyone there comes a time when their music collection reaches the limit of been-there, done-that. You've heard it all before.  When I hit that point - which I have - I like to look back at some overlooked, unappreciated albums of the past.

Here's a few chestnuts I recently become reacquainted with.  If you can find them, I highly recommend adding them to your library.

Mr. Mister - Go On... (1987)

The '80's pop band's third release is anything but pop.  Following the band's breakthrough 'Welcome to the Real World' and the massive hits 'Broken Wings' and 'Kyrie', the quartet took a more adult look at the world and created a collection of songs built on social issues, human interaction, and spirituality.  Overlooked by critics expecting another bubblegum classic, Go On... stands the test of time with a mix of thought-provoking lyrics laid over top of emotion-provoking music.  Still included in my rotation.

Check out: 'Man of a Thousand Dances' (live) - http://youtu.be/U2EBwz4CYV8

INXS - Welcome to Wherever You Are (1992)

Another popular '80's band that found itself up against the early-'90's grunge tide.  A blend of the expected pop-rock is here, but there's amazing hard rock and blues mixed into a collection that long-time fans of the band consider one of their best releases.  A must-have in the car.  An album that lives on while most grunge acts are now trivia answers.

Check out: 'Heaven Sent' - http://youtu.be/fydm01xmeqk

U2 - Zooropa (1993)

I know - how can a U2 album be considered under-appreciated?  In the case of Zooropa, what started out as an idea for an EP to promote the next leg of their Zoo TV tour grew into perhaps the most innovative and musically alternative collection the band has ever released.  From the haunting start of the song 'Zooropa' to the staccato-spoken 'Numb' (which I still take as the rantings of someone shackled by political correctness), this album takes what the band started on the previous Achtung Baby!  to a higher level: 'Let's go to the overground' when the music world was all living underground.  While it did win a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album, many fans rejected this when first released.  After two decades, it's a worthy inclusion in the U2 legacy - especially ending with an amazing Johnny Cash duet.

Check out: 'Numb' - http://youtu.be/H2lbiS1fris

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