The Push-back Has Begun

Citizens are finally beginning to repeal the restrictive barriers of progressive-defined 'tolerance'.  Politicians are starting to put the survival of the Free World ahead of their own personal political ambitions.  People on the street are refusing to let the shackles of political correctness silence them any longer.

Unfortunately, most of these courageous people are across the ocean in Europe. Understandable, as those nations launched their own versions of ill-fated multiculturalism years before North America made that mistake, therefore they are reaching the inevitable result ahead of the rest of us.

Once a London street
now a de facto mosque
The first ones on either side of the pond to speak up were, as expected, vilified as radicals and racists.  Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, were at the forefront of the push-back, and still continue to speak the truth in the face of growing opposition, ridicule, and threats.

But now it's the lesser-known politicians and the everyday person who is finding the courage to speak out.

I posted this video a while back of Swiss Member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger - http://youtu.be/1IXsTKzOTvo which is as astonishing for its bravery as it is for its candidness.

The ground-breaking Geert Wilders film 'Fitna' was so controversial the Dutch politician has faced unending death threats. - http://youtu.be/kIKCgRlwQUA

Now I've come across this amazing woman from France.  Her words are a clear warning for North Americans and all other free citizens of the world.  What is happening in France is happening in many other European countries.  http://youtu.be/urs4DeyannU

The French have lived through this before.

The groundswell is noticeable now.  We have bent far enough.  We have been as accommodating as we can be.  We watch as our customs, our culture, our religions come under attack from the soft-coup d'etat of our nations.

No longer can we allow ourselves to be shamed into silence by fabricated calls of racism from those too naive to realize what is happening.  No longer can we allow the tactics of progressives, following Alinsky's doctrine to the letter, to give us a false sense of guilt for defending the eternal gift of freedom and liberty our forefathers paid for with their lives.

No more.  Stand up.  Speak out.

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