Dumbasses? We Got 'em, Too.

For better or worse, when many people hear my name they think of the Wildrose party.  Understandable, as I have been vocal in my support pretty much since the party was first created.

However I have constantly examined the party with a critical eye, raising issues and concerns along the way.  An obligation for card-carrying party member, I believe. 

At times, those criticisms are met by some party members with disdain and a slight dose of bitterness.  A few get confused and take the statements personally.  That’s somewhat common with people who live inside a ‘party bubble’.  They become reactionary to any kind of negativity, protecting the party like it was their baby.

No matter, really, because if it weren’t for these committed folks the party would not exist.

It is the thankfully small group of so-called party supporters who have spent the entire time, from the Wildrose leadership race in 2009 until now, wasting energy and focus on attacking party leadership.

Wildrose leader
Danielle Smith

Many of these people are still upset the far-right candidates (there were originally two) lost to the more moderate Danielle Smith.  They can’t accept the fact that the Wildrose party isn’t what they always assumed it was: a new far-right conservative party rising from the ashes of Social Credit ideology.

Their ignorance indicates their weakness.  Choosing to engage in personal attacks and misinformation in a method that would make progressives proud, they throw around claims and allegations that beg to be ridiculed. 

The Wildrose stands up to a government which thinks negotiating with a segment of Alberta’s workforce means going through the motions then dictating the results?  They’ve sided with unions!

The party holds their Annual General Meeting, puts forth member-introduced policy ideas for consideration, and kills some/vote in some policies?  Danielle Smith is dictating policy!

A lack of basic procedural knowledge hampers effective formulation of opinion for these folks.  They may be frustrated with the direction the party is heading.  That is totally fair.  But perhaps before throwing out criticism, they could self-educate on the issues.

So, what do these people want?  What would they like to see done differently other than just a change of leader? 

I hope you have better luck finding out those answers than I have as alternative policies or ideas are nowhere to be found in the midst of ‘you’re not a true conservative’ shouts. 

(It’s always unfortunate when self-described ‘conservatives’ resort to the default when-the-argument-is-lost progressive tactic of throwing around labels.)

To their credit, some people who have had issues with the party have done the honourable thing (in lieu of attempting to change the party from the inside) and have left.  They have recognized that the Wildrose isn’t the party for them, and have moved on.

It’s the ones from this sandy vajayjay group who remain with the party and spend their time launching baseless attacks that need to go. 

Personally, I believe that if someone is dumb enough to believe a change of leader will transform the party into their image of conservative, they’re too dumb for me to want them on my side.

The Wildrose party went a long way in exorcizing many of its past demons at the last AGM.  Now we need to rid ourselves of the dumbasses.

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Princess said...

The dumbasses are not just from the right. There is certain good pal of Kikki (whoshallremainunnamedcoughdonmartincough) that likes to perpetuate the myth of the party being full of homophobic socons with an "agenda" Including the "fact" that the socons pretended to not like the wording of the protection of minorities clause at the AGM so they could vote it down. Sheer damaging stupidity.

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