The De facto Leader of the Free World

With President Obama’s abdication of the responsibilities of leading the free world, an unfortunate and dangerous void has been created.

Turning traditional allegiances on their side, the Obama administration has undertaken a policy of reaching out to rogue nations while abandoning long-time allies. 

From an economic standpoint, Obama’s dithering over the Keystone XL pipeline which would ship bitumen from Canada’s ethical oilsands while instead full-on supporting continued oil shipments to America from totalitarian OPEC regimes is a strong indication of his priorities.

But it is on the international front that Obama’s agenda could lead to great disaster.  From abandoning the Benghazi Four to arming al-Qaeda terrorists to making the Deal with the Iranian devil, Obama has shown to be pushing his personal agenda ahead of America’s security.

His policies have already made the world a more dangerous place and have many Western world nations questioning not only Obama’s capability to lead, but his true agenda.  Remember, if it all goes bad, he has vowed to ‘side with the Muslims.’

This has left the free world without its usually reliable leader in America.

Enter Stephen Harper.

The conservative Canadian Prime Minister since 2006, Harper has already moved Canada from the kid’s table to the adult table.  His reputation for being extremely outspoken in his support for Israel already known, Harper once again broke ranks and announced his government was more than just a little skeptical of the Iran nuke agreement.

Progressives have already lambasted Harper for not walking in lock-step with Obama, UK PM Cameron (aka the Useful Dhimmi), et al, calling Canada’s refusal to wholeheartedly support the horrible deal ‘embarrassing’.

These are the same clowns who called Canada’s failure to get a seat on the U.N. Security Council embarrassing a few years back, when a seat would’ve meant sacrificing some of our deepest ethical beliefs in order to sit with criminals.

To his credit, Harper took the Keystone shunning without breaking stride, announcing his intentions to broaden the country’s markets by building more pipelines to our coasts.  The thinking seems to be, if Obama doesn’t want our oil there’s lots of other countries who do.

On the world stage, right when Obama and his minions are busy cozying up to the Iranian psychos, Harper announced his first Middle East trip.  Obama intentionally sours America’s relationship with Israel – the White House going so far as to call Israeli PM Netanyahu ‘weak’ over concerns with the Iran deal – and  Harper steps in to reaffirm Canada’s friendship with the Jewish state.

It is obvious that Canada does not have the economic or military might to replace America as Israel’s protector.  Although Harper has successfully led Canada through the global economic turmoil to become one of, if not the best performing economies in the G8, we can’t replace American dollars headed to Israel.

Also obvious is the military issue.  Although our troops performed without equal in Afghanistan for a decade, no way can Canada offer the same material support Israel receives from the States.

But right when the Free World is in dire need for direction and leadership in the era of an unreliable American president, Canada’s Stephen Harper has taken a big step into the spotlight.

As Israel PM Netanyahu stated after referring to Harper as a ‘real leader’: “Stephen doesn’t want to be politically correct. He wants to be correct.”

While a world without a strong American president cannot be endured for a lengthy amount of time, we should be thankful that there is a statesman with the great ability of Canadian PM Stephen Harper to hold the fort.

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