Once Around the Dial

A few random shots…

The Iran Nuke Deal – You have an American president who in short order has relieved several top-ranking military officials of their duties, turned his back on Israel, and has contradicted United Nations policy by agreeing to allow the totalitarian state the ability to enrich uranium – which is not necessary for civilian energy production.

Iran is a Shia Muslim state.  A few surrounding Arab nations are majority Sunni, and they’re worried about this deal.

Why is Obama going against years of sanctions (and common sense), and choosing to go in this direction?  Is Obama a Shia Muslim?

And why weren’t the long-held American hostages released as part of the deal?

Of note: rumour has it John Kerry’s daughter married an Iranian.  Also, remember that Obama’s Senior Advisor (and most influential word in his ear) is Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett.

Fatal Care – Once again Alberta’s Progressive Conservative government finds itself embroiled in a scandal and again they make things worse for themselves with a bad-optics move. 

After years of fighting a FOIP request by the MSM, the Redford government had to admit the fact that at least 57 children in the provincial foster care program have died.  Some estimates state 89, while others claim as many as 145 fatalities. 

Bad enough, but it appears the Alberta government attempted to cover-up this tragedy.

And when the cat was let out of the bag, so to speak, and the time for the necessary grilling of the government arrived?  That’s when the PC’s habit for bad optics once again appeared as they shut down the Legislature for the day. 

This goes far beyond the usual arrogance of a decades-long ruling party.  This is about our kids.

For now, we should focus on the obvious problems in the system and work quickly to solve them.  The time to hang the vicious bastards responsible will come right after that.

The Keystone Catalyst – Perhaps the most obvious benefit to Obama’s dithering on the Keystone XL pipeline is it has forced the Canadian government to double its efforts on expanding our trading scope.  Canada has always been reliant on trade with the U.S., and for the most part it has been a mutually beneficial arrangement. 

But politics is a volatile world, and we are seeing now what happens when one of the partners goes rogue.  With the Obama administration hiding behind environmental concerns (which were discredited by his own Department of Energy study), Canada finds itself with a vast supply of bitumen and a very hesitant customer.

By pushing ahead with alternative pipelines to our coasts, we can increase our trade with other parts of the world and be economically successful despite the mess that is the current American leadership.

The historic European Union/Canada free trade deal is a signal that the Harper government has its priorities in the right place.

And as far as our oil, if Obama doesn’t want it, there are lots of other countries that do.

The Seal Hunt – One possible glitch that could hold up the Can/EU trade deal is the issue of the seal hunt.  Vilified by feel-good progressives the world over, the seal hunt is a necessity for Canada’s Inuit people.  It is their culture.  It is the means of their survival.

Of course, this doesn’t matter to the animal rights crowd.  As usual they bask themselves in the sense of self-righteousness while their actions could end up affecting an entire culture.

Our seal hunt is acceptable and moral.  What’s more, it is a necessary industry ensuring the survival of a segment of our population.

Leave it alone.

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