Credit When It's Due

I have long been a vocal critic of the Canada’s universal health care system, for years referring to the list of problems inherent in the national program. 

Locally, Alberta Health Services has faced the brunt of my attacks which have primarily focused on its bloated bureaucracy and below-board optics.  I have written about personal experiences dealing at the hospital level which ranged from comical to downright frightening – all in one post.

Even today we hear of one Albertan who has waited for days for an operation to repair his two shattered ankles…and is still waiting.  The excruciating pain would be hard enough to endure let alone the frustrating ‘…it shouldn’t be much longer’ patronizing. 

While I have witnessed full emergency rooms ignored by an attendant too interested in chatting with her friend about last weekend’s soiree and other examples of poor patient service, the real problems with the AHS can be found higher up.  In fact, it seems the higher on the organizational chart you go, the greater the level of incompetence and ineptitude.

However, I do believe that credit should be given when it is due. The amazing staff at the Grey Nuns hospital in Edmonton certainly deserve honest praise.

After playing the Wait Time game (as an unfortunate number of patients must do), my mother finally had her much-needed operation last week.  I’ll spare you the graphic details, but suffice to say there were three separate procedures done in the single operation in her five day stay. 

My mom, who is somehow still only 39 years old (*one of ‘the Rules’) and who had a stroke a few years back, is now on the road to recovery thanks to my ever-watchful father and a couple of four-legged caregivers.

But it’s the skilled doctors and staff at the Grey Nuns hospital who deserve the biggest thanks – from me and the other members of our family, but especially from my mother. 

Thank you to Dr. Fraser and Dr. Baydock, the two skilled experts who handled the operation. 

And warm, heartfelt thanks to the nurses, assistants, and staff at Surgical Ward 42 who exuded professionalism and genuine care for my mom.  You are the best.

If only all the hospitals in Alberta followed your example.

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