Leigh 3:16

If there is one issue that causes more hysterical social media reaction than my political views it is my spirituality. 

Anyone who has followed my blog or Twitter account for a time knows I rarely go into that area as I consider my relationship with God to be mine.  It’s not a government policy or platform issue to be debated and discussed.  It’s private.

The large majority of my audience falls into the category of agnostic, and some are self-described atheists.  While religion is sometimes discussed with my online atheist friends, never have I received a demand to defend my beliefs, nor have I ever slipped into evangelical mode on them.  It’s not how I roll.

As with all religions, there is a very small yet vocal element of atheists who are somewhat radical.  ‘Evangelical atheists’ are not content to follow a live and let live philosophy when it comes to people of faith.  These future eternal burn victims suffer a compulsion to virtually attack Christians, mocking not only Scripture but the believers as well. 

Certainly this is nothing new for Christians.  Their methods are amateurish at best, often taking a single verse and demanding “Defend this! Explain how your God isn’t hateful!”

Where the difference can be found is in my reaction.  While most people of faith (usually much more theologically knowledgeable than I am) go the usual route of attempting to explain the context of the random phrase to someone who will probably never listen, I go a different way.

I hold up the proverbial mirror.  I turn the attack around.

I recognize these people for what they are – not atheists, but God-haters.  Many have proudly proclaimed the truth of their purpose: to eliminate God and destroy Christianity.  Full marks for honesty if nothing else.

I’m not out to ‘save’ these folks.  The way I see it, they’ve already spent so much time researching scripture they must have heard about Jesus.  They must know the foundation of Christianity.  They know how to save themselves. There’s really nothing new I can tell them. 

So I see them as I see people who know the facts yet continue to believe a false narrative in the political world: I mock them right back.

Nothing confuses the eternally deep-fried more than a Christian who fires back.  Inevitably, this leads to perhaps the most humorous accusation from an evangelical God-hater: I’m not acting ‘Christ-like’ because I’m now mocking them. 

It’s pretty simple, really.  They throw a random Bible verse at me, I mock, they whine, I send them this:

I should note that I have used similar methods in dealing with Holier-than-thou Christians who are annoyed I don’t follow the script.  To one group the problem is I’m a Christian, to the other I’m not Christian enough.  To both groups I say worry about your own spirituality and I’ll take care of mine. 

I actually look forward to sparing with the flammable drones of the infamous Westboro Baptist at some point in the future.  They’re just as bad – and will screech just as loud in the afterlife – as the anti-Christians.

So to the evangelical God-haters: I’ll do my thing and you do yours.  I won’t try to save you from eternal hellfire if you don’t try to ‘save’ me from ‘ignorance’.  Deal?

But I do have to ask: if atheism isn’t a religion, why do you have a church?  


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