Not This Time, America

Traditionally I am a conservative hawk.  After the September 11, 2001 terror attacks I added my voice to the calls for swift military payback.  The Taliban and al qaeda was the target, nailing Usama bin Laden the goal.  Game on.

At the time, I was also in favor of eliminating the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ threat posed by Saddam Hussein in Iraq.  Democrats, Republicans, and the United Nations all agreed with the Bush Administration that WMDs were there and had to be dealt with. 

Hindsight suggests the problems with those actions weren’t in the purpose, but in the execution.

By the time Bush left office, he was forever tagged by the lack of WMD finds in Iraq by a public which overwhelmingly did not agree with the Iraq mission.

Barack Obama came into office partially on the promise to end Bush’s wars.  Instead, American’s continued on for a time in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Since becoming president, Obama has increased the number of military conflicts ‘his military’ has engaged in.

Today we see his huge push to attack Syria.  Like many Middle Eastern nations, Syria is embroiled in a sectarian civil war.  Also like many Mideast nations, there is no real ‘good side’.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is certainly no saint.  Like his father before him, Assad has a laundry list of human rights violations. 

But as a Syrian immigrant told me recently, “As a Syrian Christian, life under Assad was okay.  The thought of Syrians living under Islamic rule is akin to anticipating your own death.”

The Syrian rebels that Obama is trying so hard to convince the world needs help are not some pro-democracy group with intentions of bring liberty to the Syrian people.  They are a rag-tag group of killers, Arabic mercenaries, and most troubling, al-Qaeda terrorists who strive to bring the bondage of Islamic Sharia law to the country.

Canada jumped into the Afghanistan fray early on, standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with our American cousins, as then-Foreign Affairs Minister John Manley famously stated.  The fight was just, if mishandled.

Syria is a different situation than either Afghanistan or Iraq.  More than 100,000 people have been killed due to the civil war – a body count caused by both sides.  While this caused global leaders to speak out, little was done.  Only after a chemical attack did Obama along with the leaders of France and the United Kingdom bang the war drums. 

The problem?  No one really knows for sure which side launched the attack.  Immediately the Obama spinners pinned it on the Assad regime.  The perfect excuse to act.  But not long after the heady speeches did rumors start to circulate that the gas attack wasn’t caused by Assad’s forces at all, but the rebels themselves.  Rumors, by the way, that came partially from the United Nations.

The fact is Canada, the United States, England – none of us have any reason to engage our military forces into the Syrian conflict.  There is nothing there that directly affects our nations.  It is, to quote Texas Senator Ted Cruz, “…not in our national interest…’ to get involved.   He is right.

Going deeper, the concept of Canada supporting a group full of Islamic terrorists is, to me, unconscionable.  158 of our Bravest gave their lives in Afghanistan fighting against the very same scuzballs the president now says we should help.

Underreported by the main stream media…okay, barely mentioned at all really, is the fact that these same Syrian rebels who so desperately need our weapons are slaughtering Christians en masse.  A kind of genocide is taking place and we are being urged to join in.

I have given praise to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for not jumping when Obama snapped his fingers over Syria.  The Canadian government has been outspoken in its condemnation of the war, but has stated that our Armed Forces were not going to be involved (at this time). 

Disappointing was learning that our government has sent financial assistance to the Rebels.  Funding terrorists is not much better than handing them grenades.  History dictates little to no money will find its way to any humanitarian use, and instead will go to materials.

Not enough for me to park my vote in the next election, but certainly enough for me to think twice.

Barack Obama has made a very foolish move, one that is transparent in his support for Islamic radicals.  One can only hope it is transparent enough for other world leaders to see through.

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