Coddling Khadr

Convicted terrorist Omar Khadr’s show trial is set to begin today in an Edmonton courtroom.

Khadr, the Canadian-born Islamic terrorist, is attempting to be moved from a Federal maximum security penitentiary to a less restrictive provincial institution because he was convicted as a youth.

You recall that Khadr, who pled guilty to charges including murder and terrorism, spent a decade in Guantanamo.  When hysteria caused by the ‘torture’ narrative went into full throttle, it started a ‘free Khadr’ movement from the left, which only grew louder with President Obama’s unloading of the killer back onto Canadian soil.

The pampering of Khadr hasn’t slowed, and unbelievably he is now eligible to apply for day parole, though he has yet to.  A convicted al-Qaeda aligned terrorist who could legally be free to engage with the general public for hours at a time.

This is what happens in a politically correct society.

The left-leaning Canadian main stream media has painted Khadr as a sympathetic creature, broadcasting a younger, sweeter image of the terrorist a la Trayvon Martin.  ‘Child soldier’ is burned on the teleprompter as seemingly no story about him can be without the praise.

What they show -
Khadr at 14

Omar Khadr today

The truth is Omar Khadr is a murderer.  He is a terrorist who is responsible for an act of killing and should be treated as such.  Personally, I cannot understand why this monster still exists. 

But instead of dealing with such filth as we should, he now gets to play the Canadian Justice System game which is never enjoyable to those watching. 

I already hear the usual cries from the progressives as I type this – “…he was only a child…” – which has become tired and discounted.  ‘Child’ my white Irish ass.  He came from a family well-known for their radicalism.  His father, Ahmed, had established links to radical Islamic groups including the Taliban and is apparently listed on an al-Qaeda website’s ‘Book of 120 Martyrs of Afghanistan’.

He was raised in the radical culture of Jihad.  Now unarguably an adult, Khadr holds to his radical Islamic theology and has now become something of a respected celebrity within the terrorist ranks.

He knew what he was doing in Afghanistan.  He did it, he got captured, and he got imprisoned.  That should’ve been the end of it.

Instead we can look forward to many more years of the Omar Khadr circus to play out in front of us, partially because of a naïve society and partially because of an ineffective justice system.

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