Random Rants - Typing Slow for the EnviroCultists

I’ll Type Slow For These Folks… Nothing brings the most useless people in society together like an environmental protest.  I thought the unwashed groups of green cultists and fading celebs opposing the Keystone XL pipeline were brainless until we were exposed to the ‘Line 9’ protesters.
There isn’t one neuron firing in the entire crowd.  Not one.
The cross-Canada pipeline is the latest target for these geniuses.  What most of them don’t know is that the pipeline has been around since the 1970’s.  All that’s being planned is for the flow of the oil to be reversed.  In words that envirocultists might understand: oil go other way.
Since many of these ‘activists’ have been outed as professionals who seem to show up at various leftwing protests, maybe it’s too much to assume they’d research their jobs before starting their shift.
Iraq and Roll… Hindsight is 50/50, and in looking back over the past decade or so I’ve come to the conclusion, as many others have, that engaging Afghanistan and Iraq post-9/11/01 with a conventional military strategy was erroneous.  Yes, the Taliban had to be dealt with.  But in was already understood that the real force of terror – al qaeda - was not a typical national army with uniforms and copies of the Geneva Convention in their pockets.
These people are cult-infected barbarians and need to be treated as such.  When your enemy is in the sewer, sometimes the gutter is where you have to be.
As much as I hold immeasurable respect for the Allied military personnel for the incredible accomplishments that were achieved, and particular admiration for our Canadian troops who once again and as always punched most effectively above their weight, the reality is the method was wrong from the start.
We should have kept our soldiers home and gone Hiroshima on the whole area instead.
Party Self-Analysis… A healthy political party is one that not only allows but encourages opinion and critiques from within.  With that in mind, my current take on the Wildrose is this: Danielle Smith has exceeded my expectations as leader, particularly after finally entering the Legislature as Leader of the Official Opposition.  Smith has grown into the role and has emerged as the Number One thorn in the side of the scandal-ridden and ethically challenged Redford Progressive Conservative government.
The party itself has a few issues.  As is common, local constituency associations are at varying levels of organization.  This is where the initial vetting begins (or should).  I’ve heard too many stories from too many CAs around Alberta about nominees with ulterior motives trying to ride the Wildrose wave to achieve personal aspirations.
Some members have questions about those closer to the top in the party structure.  While Danielle Smith is still supported by an overwhelming number of card-carrying members, many have questions about those surrounding her.
Party members know the truth about the last election.  Despite the media narrative, the polls leading up to Election Day weren’t all that far off.  It was the combination of failing to properly explain new, bold policy with the failure to anticipate the P.C. swing to the left on both platform and campaign strategy that set the stage for any misstep to be exposed.
And it was, in the form of some idiotic comments by a few candidates.  That’s all it took for voters to buy into the image the P.C.’s had been trying to paint the Wildrose with from the start.
The next election will be like the last one – the Wildrose’s to lose.  I believe the Wildrose will not only become the government, but will do so with a huge majority.
But if the same people haven’t learned any lessons, history could very well repeat.


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