Keystone XL Only a Matter of Time

Don’t believe the hype.

No matter what the current American president might say in speeches designed to stimulate his envirocult base, industry insiders are still confident the Keystone XL pipeline will be built.

Because the intended pipeline crosses an international border, the president has a say in the project. So far, we’ve seen President Obama hum, haw, mumble, and double-talk his way through questions about the pipeline. While I have always believed his hesitation was caused by the fact the Keystone decision would be a no-win for him – say no, piss off his union supporters, say yes and it’s the environuts who will be protesting – I have come to realize there might be something else at play.

Obama’s own State Department released results of their own intensive study which stated there would be no significant increase in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions because of the new pipeline. Furthermore, in direct contradiction to the ridiculous claims by Obama, American jobs would be in the tens of thousands – not only temporary jobs from the construction itself, but permanent jobs afterwards.

The controversy surrounding Alberta’s oil sands (derogatorily referred to as ‘tar sands’ by the envirocultists) is, not surprisingly, based on misinformation and lies. As an example, in spite of rhetoric and emotion-driven hyperbole, the oil sands accounts for 0.14% of all global emissions. Compare that with the negative impact of America’s coal industry, ironically needed to power elitist progressive’s Chevy Volts.

Hardisty Terminal

So if the Keystone XL and by extension Alberta’s oil sands are not the major polluters the radical left tries to convince you they are, then why would Obama not green-light the project?

Canada is already America’s largest oil supplier with some 80+ pipelines already crossing the border. It’s not as if this is a glass-ceiling shattering project.

There may be some credence in the idea that Obama would rather import oil from his close friends in the Muslim world than from America’s closest friend and ally. At first brushed off as the stuff of mild conspiracy, now the idea has been given some merit by Obama himself. Given his recent actions in other areas of policy which show him supporting radical Islamic organizations both financially and militarily, it only stands to reason that some would start to question his willingness to turn his back on Canada.

It is important to note that the plans for the Keystone are going ahead despite the claims of President Milquetoast. In Hardisty, Alberta, the main point before oil sands bitumen is shipped south across the border, construction is ongoing.

As one worker stated: “The Keystone will be built either before or after that idiot is gone…unless he attacks their Constitution on that as well.”

Additional info: Oil sands myths & lies - http://www.ethicaloil.org/myths-and-lies

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