Last Day of Vacay Roundup

It’s the last day of my bi-annual one-week vacay, so I thought I’d better fire a few shots across some bows before returning to face the grind…
Lac Megantic oil spill – not only strengthens the case for the use of much-safer pipelines, also brings into question the unknown cause.  A ‘ghost train’ full of oil cars, which needed two brakes to fail in order for this tragedy to happen?  Suspicious to say the least.  If it is discovered to be the result of actions by some radical environmentalists, the irony of their methods of protesting phantom oil spills by causing environmental damage through sabotage will only be tempered by the reality that it has also resulted in deaths.  The fact that Official Opposition leader Thomas Mulcair was so quick to politicize the tragedy by blaming Harper for allowing what could be an act of domestic terror – more likely done by NDP voters rather than Conservative ones – makes the entire situation even more distasteful.
RCMP gun grab – Admittedly, I am no expert on the law, but I do know a little about Charter rights.  Those who are far more familiar with Canadian law have claimed repeatedly that the RCMP trampled on the rights of High River citizens when they entered evacuated houses and confiscated firearms.  The rights vs. safety issue has been debated ad nauseum since word broke of the seizures.  Astonishing to me, given the information that has surfaced, is how many ‘conservatives’ were quick to abandon their Charter rights and defend the RCMP’s actions.  Of course, what made to entire situation worse was the hesitation of the Force to come forth with information.  Many questions remain: were ‘hundreds’ of firearms really left ‘in plain view’?  Really?  Why were only some homes targeted?  Did the RCMP work from a list?  Were locked and secured homes that were broken into in order to seize firearms re-secured, or left open to the same ‘looters’ used as an excuse to grab the guns?  Rights that can be suspended at random are not rights at all.
Paula Deen – are you kidding me?  A t.v. chef admits to saying the …ahem, ‘N’ word decades ago and to the public she transforms into Beelzebub.  The loudest, most self-righteous critics then get into their Mazda’s and drive down the street with ‘N’-word filled rap tunes blaring.  Hypocrites.
AHS backtracks – understandably lost in the whirlwind that was the Southern Alberta flood was the news that the promised elimination of the ‘divorce by nursinghome’ policy which saw married couples forced to live up to 100km apart was onhold.  Officially, it is currently ‘under review’.  Disappointing.  Then we learn that the AHS has thrown Alberta’s Seniors a bone by reducing the 100km limit to 80km, as if that meaningless difference is something our most respected citizens should be thankful for.  That turns disappointment into disgust.
To the Wildrose Party of Alberta - to learn from past mistakes you must first understand them.  Being reactionary is a losing proposition.  Don’t run from controversial policies, get out in front and defend them.  Most importantly, listen to your members.

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