There is an interesting phenomenon occurring in the Canadian political world which, to a conservative, provides more entertainment than anything the CBC has broadcast in the last 30 years.

After Stephen Harper became Prime Minister in 2006, the left held their breath waiting for the inevitable implementation of Harper’s ‘hidden agenda’.  When that failed to occur, progs were quick with the excuse that he was held back by having a minority government.

But when the Conservatives won a majority in 2011, Canada’s left entered full panic mode.  There was no minority anymore.  There was nothing to stop Stephen Harper from fulfilling his destiny of turning Canada into America’s 51st state (a refrain heard from progressives about conservatives decades before Harper).

The narrative was and still is all about what Harper would do, not what he was or is doing.  Fear mongering, as per usual, was used to paint the Prime Minister as a neo-fascist.  From his background to his religion (Christian, but you’d have to Google it to know), everything about Harper was open for target practice – except, of course, his policies.

Only the true far-leftists would bring up actual policy, and on an ideological basis those points were valid.  Of course radical environmentalists are going to oppose Harper’s agenda on economic and natural resource development.  To the green cult, any oil is bad oil.

But it’s the ‘soft progressives’ that have become the circus act today.  While they do pepper their criticism with real issues – the Senate scandal for example, which is certainly a checkmark in the negative column for this government – the bulk of the attacks consist of empty rhetoric and the-sky-is-falling hysteria.

There is little by way of substance or concrete evidence.  There are miniscule references to policy and individual bills, but heaping amounts of personal shots as well as the good old standby: what Harper WILL do.

The Harperphobia epidemic isn’t wide-spread, but intense in certain areas of the political realm.  The truly entertaining part is watching the left lash out.  Debating is a no-go considering progressive ideas have been proven misguided, so instead they get creative.  Who can forget the slightly mentally unstable ‘activist’ who got a job as a Parliamentary page, only to walk down the aisle with a ‘Stop Harper’ sign? 

That’s the progressive left in a nutshell: great with publicity stunts, empty on effective ideas.

By no means has the Harper government been problem-free.  Progressives will be quick to raise the Senate issue as well as foreign ownership of our resource companies, etc.  And, as a conservative, I personally have issues with the fact the Conservative government has shown little by way of its (partial) Reform roots.

But as long as Stephen Harper’s Conservative government continues to lead a strengthening economy, continues to crack down on illegal immigrants, continues its strong support of Israel and determination against radical Islam, and Harper maintains his (and by default, Canada’s) growing positive image on the international stage, the progressive left will go on suffering the effects of their self-induced Harperphobia.

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