Can You Hear Me Now...in Canada?

Late last week, a U.K. newspaper published a list of words that they claimed set off ‘red flags’ with national security agencies, specifically the N.S.A. in the United States.

Naturally, I logged on to my Twitter account and posted the entire list.  Now, it isn’t known for certain if this is the real list, the entire list, or if a list of target words actually exists (I haven’t been visited yet…). 

What is known is that the N.S.A. has been secretly collecting data including voice and online communications of private American citizens. 

The intrusive surveillance issue continues to explode, with outraged Americans facing-off against those who defend their own willingness to surrender their rights and freedoms.  The apologists who mimic Obama’s claim that PRISM is necessary for national security purposes are repeating a lie.  They obviously never learned about George Washington in school, either.

The idea that this is needed in order to ‘find the bad guys’ is an easy response, but it is the wrong one.  That kind of thinking is the catalyst behind the push to disarm law-abiding Americans so that the criminals will be the only ones armed, making them ‘easier to spot’.  Outrageous.

For me, the questions are: does the long reach of the tyrannical N.S.A. reach across borders?  Are my online activities being monitored by a foreign security agency – one located in our ‘closest and most trusted ally’?

Are Canadian security agencies doing the same thing here at home to our own citizens?

Given the hourly revelations coming out of the States, one would have to presume the answer is yes.  While the idea of privacy in the online world is ludicrous, having governments selectively target innocent individuals or groups is unconscionable.  We saw this with the I.R.S.-Tea Party scandal. 

If we were to give credence to a majority of rumors, if we were to accept even just the confirmed allegations coming out of the States, then we’d have to accept that Obama’s America is indeed ‘fundamentally changing’ in the direction of police state.

Soft Marxism is still tyranny, even when presented with a helping of hope and a dash of change.

So what should Canada do?  Instead of following Herr Obama’s lead and trample on the rights of our citizens, perhaps a different approach other than ‘everyone’s guilty until proven innocent’ is required. 

Charge, take into custody, and then expel the bad guys.  Our intelligence agencies are effective.  They know of the radical Mosques and the radicalized followers in them.  Don’t try attempted terrorists in our courts – those are places of justice for Canadians.  Take the captured scumbags who were going to blow up the Via train and hold them in military prison until they can be deported.  Same for the convicted members of the Shafia family who helped put ‘honor killing’ into our national consciousness.

Noticed I stopped short of calling for their executions as captured enemies of the State?  Yeah, that one I hold for demons like Omar Khadr, the ‘Canadian’ Muslim terrorist now relaxing in our Edmonton-area prison. He’s eligible for parole July 1st, by the way.  A terrorist.  Parole.  Why the hell is this traitor still sucking in valuable air that could be used by humans?

Credit goes to Canada’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney, and Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews for their leadership and great work in finding and kicking out illegals from inside our borders.  Long overdue.

But we must tighten our overall immigration system.  We must, quickly, review our border policy with the United States.  Both nations take pride in the fact that we share the longest undefended border on Earth, but pride and tradition take a back seat to national security.

America is a volatile place right now.  Obama’s Big Brother radicalization of his nation is in full swing, and the fallout will inevitably have an effect on Canada.  While I don’t suggest building a wall, I do think we have to become stricter when it comes to visitors from the South.

Canada must also continue to expand our economic horizons.  Obama’s schizophrenia over the Keystone XL pipeline is pure evidence that America must no longer account for such a large portion of our international trade.  God knows the growing need for oil in places such as India and East Asia make our bitumen valuable, even if Obama doesn’t want it.

It has been said that when the United States sneezes, Canada catches a cold.  Currently, America is spewing from the nose in all directions.  Canada needs some NyQuil. Fast.

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