Time to Reject U.N. Interference

The United Nations was born with a sense of purpose.  Vowing to be more effective than the ill-fated pre-World War II League of Nations, original member states created the U.N. partially to ensure there would never be another world war.

Now, some sixty-plus years later, the organization has become a mere shadow of its former self.  Essentially hijacked by ‘voting blocks’, the U.N. has grown into an ideological monster with an agenda which was never intended in its beginning.

From pushing the unproven global warming narrative to assuming the pseudo rank of global government, the U.N. has a long list of sovereignty infringements and examples of corruption in its history.

Blind member loyalty has even given the U.N. its own de facto military – NATO.

Being Canadian, I would not expect much interference from the U.N. in my country.  We are a proud multicultural First-world nation.  We believe in human rights and liberty.  We certainly cannot be compared to such horrific nations as, say, North Korea or Iran on matters of human rights.

Yet here we are.

Last year, the U.N. decided to send ‘Special Rapporteur’ Olivier De Schutter to our country on a mission to investigate our food safety systems.  

While millions around the world starve or become fatally ill living in oppressive and dictatorial nations, the geniuses at the U.N. decided Canada required special attention.  While Canadians were more than a little bewildered (read: offended) at the move, the Canadian government chose diplomacy and allowed De Schutter access.

De Schutter’s report was the expected mish-mash of phantom ‘problems’ and recommendations to, for all intents and purposes, nationally socialize our food safety system.  Given the U.N.’s penchant for socialist policies, this came as no surprise.

When the elitist De Schutter left Canada, he took our interest in his visit with him.  It was chalked up as one of those quirky U.N. moves and forgotten.

Now, the United Nations has once again targeted the evil nation of Canada for an investigation, this time in the area of human rights.  So ridiculous was the announcement that many Canadians took it as some sort of joke. 

Make no mistake – this is no laughing matter.

On the recommendation of North Korea and Iran – yes, I’m serious – the U.N. reviewed Canada’s Human Rights record.  The results of this investigation, like the previous one, were easy to presume.

Red flags were raised by U.N. flunkies about alleged atrocities occurring in one of the most open societies on Earth.  Flags raised by someone who has neither the historical knowledge nor current understanding of Canadian culture.

But that’s not important to fascists at the U.N.  The dog-and-pony show is all a smoke-screen to cover their real intent: find problems where there are none and command solutions to resolve said ‘problems’.

As expected, calls to nationalize systems and create several ‘national strategies’ to deal with areas of poverty, food security, etc. were listed in the final report.

Canadians aren’t fooled.  We recognize an agenda in play when we see one.

It isn’t coincidence the sudden focus on Canada is occurring.  It certainly is no coincidence that the U.N. has paid special interest in Canada since we elected a national Conservative government in 2006. 

And given the uncharacteristic spine and public criticism this government has had towards the United Nations, including refusing to mindlessly follow along with the gang into the One World Government abyss, harassment from the United Nations is to be expected.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has been particularly critical of the U.N, recently calling on the organization (again) to remove one Richard Falk, who sits on the U.N. Human Rights council, for placing the blame for the Boston Bombings on Israel.

Amazing how progressivism and anti-Semitism seem to go hand-in-hand.

There is this thing called ‘sovereignty’ that Canadians hold dear, which the U.N. seems intent on trampling.

Actively attempting to create a false image of Canada is bad enough for an international organization, but to spend the effort looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack while choosing to turn a blind eye to the real human rights violators in the world signals the absolute loss of any credibility the United Nations may have had.

The Stephen Harper government chose to once again be ‘very Canadian’ and allow this witch hunt to happen.  Perhaps the time has come to reject U.N. interference in Canada.

It is time we learned it is acceptable to tell the corrupt, scandal-ridden United Nations ‘no’.

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