Hijacking the Holidays

The progressive assault on traditional customs and institutions continues, and once again it is a recognized holiday that is the target.
After enjoying mass capitulation over unrecognizing Halloween (now ‘Black & Orange day’), St. Patrick’s Day (‘Wear Green’ day, which I find particularly offensive), and the outright denial of Christmas (Happy Holidays my ass), those who wish to change or erase historical dates have set their sights on nailing the leftovers.
Word is out about a group of Canadian ‘actors’ and politicians who are pushing their idea to change Victoria Day.  The group, seizing on the remanence of  the Idle No More gatherings of last year apparently, decided a day honouring our former Queen wasn’t good enough and want to piggyback ‘First People’s Day’ onto the title.
The only possible way this could be shocking is in its presentation.  Progressives have changed their tactic of vilifying standing holidays into submission in the effort of erasing these days from history, and have moved on to a kinder, gentler method of poisoning our culture with the idea of doubling-up on existing holidays.
Sure, they don’t want to get rid of Victoria Day – they just want to hijack it and mould it into something completely different.
Look, the issue here isn’t whether or not Canada’s Aboriginals should have a special day of recognition.  Personally, I don’t care.  They’ve got a day for everything else, so why not?
The fact that the same people who have worked hard to paint St. Patrick’s Day as some sort of intolerant racist insult of a day are the ones putting forward an idea to recognize a different specific group is the typical hypocrisy we find with progressives.
But instead of selecting a whole other day with no significance already attached, or even combing through First Nations history for a momentous date in which to choose, the progressive brain trust selects a day already taken.
The actor behind the move is one Peter Keleghan.  His claim to fame outside of Canada is being one of two actors to play secondary character Lloyd Braun on Seinfeld.  Need I say more?
If artists and ..ahem… ‘actors’ and leftwing politicians have little better to do than sit around and dream up special days for groups they perceive to be hard-done-by, then I say go crazy.  Have a Day every day of the year.
Just leave the ones we already have alone.  Christmas, Easter, Victoria Day, etc. – these are non-negotiable.

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